Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More craftsy cuteness

I know, I know. I swore this wouldn't turn into my crafting blog but I've had a lot of time on my hands so I've been in project mode. :)

I've shown off my dish towel tote bags, the too-small hat I knit for Gage, Gage's baby legs, and the bitty blanket I made him. (I tore out my really sad slipstitches and redid them. It looks a lot better now!) And now I'm proud to say I can make bibs and burp cloths too!

In an earlier post I mentioned that my neighbor Michelle had her baby girl last week. She was a few days overdue and in a lot of discomfort so her doctor induced her. She had the baby okay but then her placenta wouldn't deliver. I've never heard of that...both times, mine just slid out. TMI? Oh well. Anyway, it took 30 minutes, a nurse pushing on Michelle's abdomen, her doctor internally manipulating the placenta, and a very big episiotomy to get her placenta out. Nuts, right?

Anyway, three or four months ago we took over a present, an outfit and a super-soft lovey blanket but after meeting Kendall for myself I wanted to do something else. I thought I might make her a bitty blanket like Gage's. But then I saw some sweet burp cloths on a blog and thought "I can make those!" Mostly I knew I could make them because the blogger included step-by-step directions. But honestly, I could have made them without, they were that easy. I made two today. The second one took just 20 minutes. The hardest part was cutting the edges so that they would fray. My hand hurt after a while! And my scissors seemed to get tighter the more little cuts I made. I guess they hurt too!

Michelle's husband, Shaler, is a golfer. In fact, while I was meeting Kendall for the first time I was also watching the end of the Masters tournament. The guy who won was actually pretty cute! Shaler is a member at the golf course up the street and plays often. It's funny to me because he drives a big pick-up truck and is an avid hunter with a garage full of camo and ATVs. And then sometimes he gets all dressed up in khakis and a golf shirt to play at the upscale club up the street.

When I was at JoAnn's I found this really sweet flannel print with golf clubs, balls, and little stars. For the reverse side, I chose a girly pink and white striped flannel. I've developed a little thing for flannel. It's just so soft. :)

And here are the two burp cloths I made.

I bought a more boyish striped flannel, too, so I could make a few for me. For Gage, I mean! I figured I would use the dotted flannel (like on his blanket) for the reverse side.

There's so much fabric to look at in JoAnn's, but I really wish they would include signs to tell you what kinds of things you could make with each type. It would make the rows and rows of fabric a lot more accessible to beginners like me! At the back of the store there was a big clearance section where they just threw all the sale fabrics together. It was a mess, but one fabric jumped out at me. And when I touched it, I realized it was flannel and I knew I had to buy it! And here's what I've done with it so far...

You probably remember the diaper from an earlier post...I made the bib with my fabulous, clearance cow print flannel! I used super-soft white chenille for the back. The whole bib is so soft. I love to touch it! And I know it must have felt so great on cutie-patootie, diaper-clad baby boy! You can see how much he loved touching it too. In fact, I took about 10 shots of him with the bib and in every one but this one, he had twisted the bib up in his hands, shoved it in his mouth, or covered his face with it.

Future uses of my two-plus yards of cow print flannel? I'm thinking of making a couple burp cloths (since they're sooo easy), a hat for the fall, and a pair of pants. The possibilities are truly endless!

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