Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh, happy day!

July 25 will mark my third anniversary of blogging. I've never recognized a blogiversary before but as I was putting together my list of 32 things I realized just how long I had been at this. Like I said then, I've never been a good diarist or journalizer. (I knew diarist was a word but had to use to find a word for 'person who keeps a journal'.) Writing about myself is pretty boring. And writing about myself in a small book that noone but me will ever read is even more boring. Blogging is way more fun. Is there a third blog in my future? I could call it "The MellyP". Actually, that sounds like the perfect name for a sailboat. But seriously, before anyone (Emily) stresses about having to check a THIRD blog, I would never do it. Two is enough. Besides, I've been doing better about finding ways to incorporate more of me into the boys' blogs.

Anyway, back to our upcoming blogiversary...the traditional gift for a third wedding anniversary is leather goods, while the modern equivalent is apparently crystal or glass. What, I wonder, is the blogosphere equivalent? Should I do something special to mark our third blogiversary? Or should I just let it slip silently by as I did with the first and second? I need opinions, people!

Let me hear should I mark this special occasion? Is it even special enough to mark? Leave me a comment and let me know.

By the by, the comment-leaving has left a little something to be desired lately. I can always count on my mom, but otherwise, they've been few and far between. Makes me wonder, do I have any readers out there at all?


Oh, and this is too funny not to post. A couple months ago I finally told Braeden about his blog. I wasn't sure if he'd get it, but he always wants to look at photos (of him) so one day I showed him the photos on here. And a new obsession was born. He asks me all the time if he can watch the video of him singing the Wee Why Rocky Rump song.

On the day my dad left and I came upstairs after Braeden's quiet time, I made Gage's bitty blanket. Braeden went in Gage's room and dug out the Elmo phone. We bought that silly phone for Braeden at a yard sale one of our neighbors had back when Bray was just a little older than Gage. So, I'm sewing and Braeden is sitting on the futon talking to Elmo. I'm only half-listening until I hear him say 'blog' and then I perked right up! Here's what he had to say...

"Well, you'll just have to look on the blog, Elmo."

Couldn't you just die? He's probably heard me say that about a hundred times to my mom. But I'm always surprised when he repeats something as grown-up as that.


Mareike said...

You have one faithful reader here. I check every single day regardless of how many days go by without a new post (the stretches used to be a lot longer.) So, I'll celebrate a blogiversary with you.

Emily said...

maybe you should do a "de-lurkers" post on both of your blogsand see who comes out.

as for the blogiversary, my first thought was diapers (of course) but since this is braeden's blog,not gage's ... so I don't know.

I'm with Mareike. I check everyday sometimes 2 times. Or 3 times. :)

Me-ma said...

I love, love reading your blogs, both of them and I do check even when you don't see a comment from me. I know I'm the mom and the one you refer to when you say, "I can't tell you that, you have to read my blog entry about it!" Just keep writing and I do so wish there was a way for me to read this right before I settle in my bed to go to sleep at night -- it's much better than a book!