Monday, April 7, 2008

A sweet little blanket for a sweet little boy

Pretty, right? These are the raw materials for my next project. I know I can make dish towel tote bags and baby legs, so it was time to branch out. There are a hundred things that I want to try, like dying prefolds or maybe just embellishing them with fabric! My skills, if you can even call them that, are incredibly limited though. But the other day I was on the babycenter message board looking through pictures of projects other moms had been working on and I found one I knew I could do.

One of the moms had made a small blanket for her daughter using really soft fabrics and ribbons. I thought about it for a minute or two and realized that it was so simple even I could figure out how to do it. I made a list of what I would need--ribbon, two soft materials in coordinating colors, thread, and some kind of personalization. This mom had written her baby's name on the blanket, so I knew I could just do that. But I also thought I would look around Jo-Ann's for some other way of personalizing the blanket. And it turns out they sell iron-on embroidered letters. The downside? I could get all the letters except the 'A'. I'm going to look at Michael's tomorrow, if I can drag my dad there! That's right, my dad is coming tomorrow! It's a really long story about Skybus, bankruptcy, and a serious change-of-plans, but he'll be here early tomorrow morning and will stay through Thursday afternoon! We can't wait!

Anyway, back to the project at hand. I bought this really soft, dotted material in blue and the polka-dotted material is soft flannel. I can't stop touching the fabrics, so I know Gage will love them too! I also bought a few different lengths of ribbon to cut into small loops and I'll sew those around the edges. I have some thinner ribbon left from hanging Gage's name sign in his room. (That reminds me, I never posted pictures of his room. Soon, I promise.) I thought I would use the leftover thinner ribbon to attach a rattle (maybe) or a teether (again, maybe). I have to see how it looks before I do anything permanent.

While I was at Jo-Ann's I found this great fabric. It's white cotton interlock with blue and red stars on it. It looked like a fabric you would see at Baby Gap! And I would LOVE to make baby clothes out of it. Like a short-sleeved romper. And a little hat. I found a pattern but before I spend $10 on it and however much on the fabric, I wanted some assurance that I could actually make something functional out of it. Something I wouldn't be embarrassed to take Gage out of the house in.

Can I do snaps? Do you just sew snaps on, or do you need some kind of special tool to attach them? And what the hell is a serger? I'm going to research sergers and overlocks, but someone please tell me about snaps!!

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