Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top notch photographer that I am, I managed to capture quite an action shot!

The funny thing is, none of the kids cared about the ball after it left the slide thing. Each one of them pushed the ball, watched it hit the lane, then hightailed it back to the ball thing to wait for the ball to pop up from under the alley. They LOVED that part. When a ball would pop up, Braeden, Makena, and Zander would screech with laughter.

And that was my favorite part of bowling!

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Me-ma said...

oh my -- that is just too cute! First of all I fell in love with B and McKenna driving in the car. Even though B is not the driver he looks pleased as punch in the photo!!
And the bowling -- well, that just makes my heart smile!! And yes, we will go bowling together the next time. Your bowling technical terms are catchy!