Sunday, April 13, 2008

Totally awesome experience!

I've decided to really embrace the fact that I have two blogs and not stress about whether or not I should consolidate or how I would even go about doing that. I like having two blogs. I like the personalities of the two. (This is totally random, but I like that I think something inanimate like a blog can have a personality. It reminds me of high school English when we read this poem by Carl Sandburg and learned about personification. I'm a geek. I admit it.)

What's fun about two blogs is deciding where to post something. This story is getting posted on Gage's blog because I was originally planning to bring Gage with me and decided a few days beforehand that it was a bad idea. Friday I went to the Davis Cup Quarterfinal tie in Winston-Salem! It was phenomenal. There aren't words. I've already decided I'm going back as much as I can. According to my friend, Brian, this is the third time DC matches have been played in W-S, so there's an excellent chance they'll be back again and again. :)

Like I said, I was planning to take Gage but I was reminded that tennis is a quiet sport, during the points anyway. A baby crying would not be well-received by the chair, the players, or the other fans. Between points, the crowd is loud. And DC crowds are really loud. Raucous, in fact. What with the cow bells, drums, tambourines, and the noisemakers they give out to everyone who walks in the door, it was out of control. Gage would probably have been scared silly! So instead I scrambled to find a babysitter for him. Andrea, a student of Mat's and a former student worker in my office, was going out of town. Then I was nervous. But I e-mailed my friend, Lisa, and she was incredible. She thought of the perfect student. Well, almost perfect. Julie is a senior so our time with her is incredibly limited. :) Julie's mom is a childbirth educator and parenting coach. Nice, huh?

I LOVE tennis. Specifically, I LOVE men's tennis. I'll watch women's but I'm just not that into it. And on the men's side, I'm all about the Americans. During my childhood it was John McEnroe. For the last 10-12 years, most of my love has been for Andre Agassi who retired in 2006 after a great run at the US Open and the most touching farewell remarks following an EIGHT minute standing ovation. Sigh. I have two other favorites right now...Andy Roddick and James Blake. And Friday I had the chance to watch them both in action!

Andy is all about the big serve. He's recorded some of the fastest serves on record topping 140 mph! His ace count for Friday's match was 30! He completely dominated his French opponent winning in straight sets in just over two hours. Then it was time for James to take to the court. I had told Mat would be home by 7:00 (play started at 1:00). I honestly don't know what I was thinking. While Andy plays fast tennis (short points, lots of aces, and few second serves required), James is an entirely different story. His pace is slower. He plays much longer points. And he routinely drops sets so that his matches go to five sets.

Friday was no different. He was down double match point in the fifth, but held on and WON! It was tense. But those are the best matches, especially for the fans who are just looking for an opportunity to sit in uncomfortable chairs for almost four hours and scream till they're hoarse and jump to their feet to rally their guy to victory. Did I already say how awesome it was??

Oh, and Andy was rocking the mohawk! While James was wearing his stupid headband. I hate that headband.

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