Friday, April 25, 2008

Trip to the dentist

Tuesday morning Mat took Braeden to the dentist. He's been twice before (you can reread those stories here and here). Our first two trips didn't exactly go swimmingly. But this one, this one was perfect. And wouldn't you know it...I wasn't there. I'm sure it wasn't me. No, it must be that Bray's older now, more mature. Right?

Mat called me as they were leaving the office to give me the update. I was so happy to hear they had done well. And the other night I asked Mat to write up the story of Braeden's dental appointment to post on his blog.

In Mat's words...

So, this past Tuesday was Bray’s dentist appointment, and I must say that I was a little worried. His past experiences with the dentist have not been good ones, and I was taking him by myself to see Dr. Rafael that morning. When we got up, I mentioned to him that he was going to the dentist before school, and he seemed pretty cool with it. He kept talking about getting up in the chair and getting a treat at the end (they have a bin of crappy little toys and things for the kids to take on the way out).

When it was time to go, he announced to (a sleeping) Melly and Gage that he was going to the dentist, and we were off. When we got to the office, he seemed to remember being there before, and much to my surprise, he ran right in to the waiting room. We signed in, and he looked at a car magazine and pointed out the different cars to me. Soon, a hygienist came out and called Bray’s name, and he ran into the examination area and hopped right up into the chair. This surprised both the hygienist and me, and she commented on how eager he seemed to be.

Spongebob (and then later, Dora) was on the TV in the exam room, so Bray was immediately engrossed in his favorite TV shows, and let the dentist and hygienist do their work without a single complaint. Well, OK, there was one complaint. Apparently, he remembered wearing sunglasses there, because he wouldn’t let them work in his mouth until they found a pair of sunglasses for him to wear. But once that was done, he was perfect. All 20 teeth were poked, scraped of plaque, cleaned, and flossed without difficulty. The hygienist tried to take X-rays, but the bulky film turned out to be too much for Bray to handle, he kept choking on it and spitting it out, so she eventually gave up. At the end of the visit, Bray got a new Dora toothbrush, floss, a sticker, and a Darth Vader pencil, so he was a very happy boy.

Me again...I can't believe he remembered the sunglasses. Last fall when I took him they gave him a little pair of sunglasses because that big light they use was so bright. It was shining right in his eyes and he was really uncomfortable. I had forgotten all about it until I read Mat's account.

Speaking of Spongebob...A while back I bought Braeden a new hooded towel. Here's a cute picture of him wearing the towel after his bath.

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Me-ma said...

I cannot believe how tall B. has gotten! Looking at him standing in front of that shelf in his room makes me realize what a big boy he is now!