Friday, April 11, 2008

A visit from P-Pa

A few weeks ago my dad called to ask if he could fly down on Skybus for a visit. My mom had been down on Skybus at the end of February. It was an easy and quick flight and so easy for us to pick her up at the airport. Plus, Skybus was so cheap! Well, apparently it was too good to last. Skybus shut their doors last Friday, so dad had to rearrange his plans. Instead of flying, he drove down and arrived Tuesday morning around 9:30.

Braeden was so excited to see him! He brought presents and MeMa cookies for everyone. We just hung out at home Tuesday, but we did go to dinner at the Olive Garden that night. P-Pa LOVES the Olive Garden. Braeden likes their macaroni and cheese, and he was so excited to take P-Pa there.

Wednesday we all went to the Schmidt Park. Braeden loves the park. I've got some pictures from a trip Braeden took to the park with MeMa and P-Pa about a year and a half ago. In those pictures Braeden is climbing the climbing wall and so is P-Pa. Bray loves to look at those pictures, so I made sure the two of them climbed the wall again!

Braeden was obsessed with the sandbox, so much so that it was hard to get him out of it to play in other parts of the park. He built sandcastles, dug holes with a shovel, and "painted" the sandbox.

B and P-Pa also played on the swings. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...what do you think?

P-Pa made us a special birthday dinner (I love how when my birthday stretches on and on)--meatloaf, baked potatoes, and summer squash. We bought a cake at Lowe's but had been looking for an ice cream cake which they didn't sell. So dad said he was going out for coffee but he really went up to the Food Lion to buy me an ice cream cake. Too sweet. So after dinner Braeden stuck candles in the cake, I lit them, and then P-Pa and B sang happy birthday to me. And then we got to eat the cake!

Thursday morning I dragged them to Michael's in search of iron-on letters for Gage's blanket. I couldn't find any I liked there, so I bought a fabric marker and might try to write his name on the blanket. The jury's still out on that one! I did find some great letters online. They're a buck a letter, not bad, but the shipping would have been 6 bucks! I hate paying shipping anyway, but I'm certainly not going to pay more for shipping than I'm paying for the product! And definitely not when the letters probably weigh 2 ounces!

After Michael's we ran over to Target to buy Braeden a new pair of sandals. Braeden being Braeden we bought the same pair he had last summer just in a larger size. And now that we have them home, he's refused to wear them both times I've suggested it. This kid HATES change!

When we finished up there, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. P-Pa's choice! He loves their chicken sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes. I've never been to a fast food place like Chick-fil-A. They have staff who come around and ask if you want a drink refill or if they can clear your trash. When we were there, someone was walking around with samples of their new coffee caramel milkshake. Sooo good. While we were eating, a guy came out in the giant cow costume. Fortunately he went right outside to stand by the street and wave to possible customers. Braeden is terrified (I don't think that's too strong a word to use here) of those guys in suits...the bird at Red Robin, the Easter Bunny at the egg hunts, and I'm sure he would have hated the cow if it had gotten close to him. But he loved watching the cow from the safety of the inside dining room when the cow was out by the street!

Then, unfortunately, it was time for P-Pa to leave. But it was a great visit. Really great.

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Me-ma said...

P-pa had a great visit -- thanks to Melissa, Braeden and Gage for making it so much fun for him. Kind of cool that he climbed the rock wall too! He also enjoyed waking up to Mr. B standing very quietly next to P-Pa's bed holding his little pillow and at least one book to read and snuggle. Nothing is better than that!!