Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Gage's bunting

I've teased you before with pictures of my most recent project in its unfinished state and of it just lying forlornly on the floor, but now I get to show it to you finished. Hung up. In all its glory.

I'm calling this bunting for no other reason than the woman I cribbed this from calls it that. You can see her bunting here. She's inspired me before...I got some advice from her on making baby pants. I've enjoyed reading her blog even though I've never met her before in real life. She has six kids! She had four boys, a little girl, and one more boy. Six kids...that's inspirational enough! But somehow she finds time to make baby pants, bunting, dresses for herself and her daughter (sometimes they even match), aprons, totes, and homemade soap!

Anyway. I loved the bunting she made for her son's room and I realized I could make the same kind of thing for Gage's room using the leftover fabric from his bedding set. I had just enough of the toile to make three triangles. I had more fabric but the pattern only runs in one direction so I had to be smart and make sure the pattern didn't end up upside down. Did you get that? I only spelled it out here because I was incredibly impressed with myself for remembering the pattern had a direction. Since I had three of the toile triangles, I cut three paisley triangles. And then I cut the triangles from the striped fabric to alternate with the others. I backed the triangles with a heavy-weight ivory fabric--no idea what kind...I kinda forgot to pay attention at JoAnn's. But cut me some slack because I did remember that the toile pattern was unidirectional. :) The last thing I had to do was string the triangles together using a thin ivory ribbon. I strung them in three segments so I could be sure the bunting would swag nicely. This was actually the hardest part of the whole process. If I do this again, I will HAVE to come up with a better way to string them together. Then Mat helped me hang it up Sunday afternoon while it rained. Stormed actually!

But anyway, it's done. I think it looks amazing. I absolutely love how it brings the room together. I just can't stop looking at it either. I love walking into Gage's room and seeing it hanging over his crib. It actually makes me look forward to moving Gage up into his room. Well, that may be overstating things a bit! But when he does move up there, I'm going to love walking in the door and seeing him lying in his crib under the bunting.

Hey, Emily, will you send the link to Dana so she can see what I did with the fabric? Without her, I never would have done it. I wouldn't have had the fabric to work with. Or the beautiful bedding to match.


lera said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!

Me-ma said...

that really ties the room together -- what a great idea!