Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a happy mother's day! We did.

My mother's day actually started Friday when Braeden came home from school with my present. Each year the teachers help the kids make something for the moms. This year he brought me home a plastic bowl with potpourri in it. On the outside of the bowl is a little poem and Braeden's handprints. It's very sweet. And very smelly. :)

Mat and Braeden had also stopped off at our Lowe's (the grocery store) to buy me flowers. Mat let Braeden pick something out, and they came home with a beautiful hydrangea. It's funny because my boys gave me a hydrangea last year for mother's day too. I love hydrangeas! I'm looking for a place to plant it in our yard, something I didn't do with last year's plant.

Those were my surprise mother's day gifts. Mat and I had talked about gifts, and I asked him for a tree. We've been talking about planting trees for each of the boys since before I was even pregnant with Braeden. It will be nice for them to grow up helping to take care of this tree. I hope that they'll want to plant dogwoods in their own yards someday. When we finally got around to planting trees, I didn't think our yard was big enough to add two more, so one will have to do. I always knew I wanted a dogwood. Dogwoods are a Potter thing. We had one in our yard at the house I grew up in. When my parents moved to their new house, I bought them one as a housewarming gift so they would have one in their new yard.

So, Sunday morning during a break in the rain, we all went to Lowe's (not the grocery store, this time!). I wore Gage in the Moby facing front again, and he had a great time looking at everything and cooing. And drooling. Braeden was very good while we were there. Mat and I split up so he could buy stones to make a ring around the tree and to edge our front bed. Braeden and I went to look at trees. Even though I was planning to buy a dogwood, I almost got seduced by these beautiful Japanese maples. Their leaves are so delicate and the red color is just amazing. I also looked at a crabapple tree...I knew Braeden would love picking the fruit. But ultimately, we bought a white dogwood. It's very sweet. And little. Not much to look at now, but I know it will grow into something beautiful in a couple years. If we can keep it alive!

And here's a picture of the front yard now that Mat edged around the flower bed. Last fall he built a little wall around the oak tree in our front yard. The soil was eroding in front of the tree since our yard slopes down to the street. Once he built the wall, the two daylilies I planted in front of the tree just exploded. I guess they weren't getting enough water before. Before the wall, only one of the plants bloomed. And now both lilies are lush and both have buds. I'm thrilled! And I'm hopeful that doing the edging around the front bed will help the plants up there as well. My daffodils were duds this spring. I was so disappointed. The lilies up there are coming in nicely. And there's one tiny hosta coming up that survived the great hosta massacre of '07.

One last cute's Braeden in his faux crocs. You may have noticed he has band aids on his knees in the first picture. He was running up and down the driveway when we got home from Lowe's and slipped on one of his trips down. He skinned both knees, just a little bit, and insisted on two band aids. Spongebob band aids. :)

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Me-ma said...

You had a wonderful Mother's Day! Loved reading about the weekend, the planting, the skinned knees, Gage facing front and drooling! What images come to mind when we sit down to read your entries! Thanks! and would you send me the mother's day photo thru e-mail?