Monday, May 26, 2008

Into the pool

We took the boys to the pool at our development today for the first time this season. It was a beautiful day, in the low 80s and sunny with a light breeze. The kiddie pool is closed for some reason, so we had been preparing Braeden that he would have to go in the big pool. We also had him try on his ski vest a few times so he would be used to wearing it. Mat got it for him last year at Costco in preparation for the day he would graduate to the big pool.

Here he is in new swim trunks and NO swim diaper! He looks sullen but he was really just being silly and posing for me. He even wore his reef flip-flops for the first time today. He picked them out; I didn't have to twist him arm or force him into them. They're so cute because they're the same pattern as Mat's. :)

We weren't sure how it would go when we got there since Braeden often seems really excited to try something new but then his excitement fizzles when it actually comes time to do it. But not today. Today he was thrilled to be at the pool. He balked briefly when we tried to put the vest on him, but he came around pretty quickly.

Mat wanted him to jump into the pool right away, but Braeden preferred to get his feet wet slowly on the stairs.

But after a couple minutes of this, he asked Mat to pick him up and take him into the water. They walked around a bit and came over to where I was sitting on the edge with Gage. Braeden sat next to us for a few minutes, but we convinced him to get back in so he wouldn't get too cold. And then we convinced him it would be fun to jump in. I think he was worried his head would go below the water. We explained that the vest would keep him above water and Mat promised he would catch him when he jumped. And after a couple minutes, Braeden took the plunge. Over and over and over again.

He's very excited to go back next weekend! I'm already thinking about teaching him to swim...buying him a kickboard to learn to kick, teaching him to put his face in the water to blow much fun. But for now, Braeden wants some kind of inflatable raft or tube, so I'll be making a trip to Target this week in search of something cute.

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Me-ma said...

What a wonderful jumper B is! Wow. And those swim trunks are very snazzy!