Sunday, May 18, 2008

Laughing Baby Gage

Gage has been laughing for a couple weeks now. I tickle him and make this silly clucking noise which he thinks is fantastic. Or I raise him up over my head and nibble on his feet then lower him so we're nose to nose. This is great except for the one time he spit up a little on my forehead. :)

After a few minutes of him laughing, I suddenly remember to grab the camera but then he's done. So, today, when Mat was playing with Gage and Braeden was upstairs having "quiet time" I finally had a chance to get some video.

His first laughs, a couple weeks ago, were more like gasps but you could definitely tell he was trying to laugh. But now his laugh sounds more happy, less pained. It's the sweetest sound.

Near the end of the video you can hear Braeden calling me from upstairs. You can get a small taste of how he attempts to negotiate with us to let him out of "quiet time". It almost never works. It gets pretty annoying after a while. But sometimes his approach is really smart, really mature, and I can't help but laugh. Luckily I'm downstairs and he's upstairs and can't see my smile. One day he'll read this blog and know how close he came to getting out of "quiet time" and he'll know just what it takes to play me. And if he's this smart now, just think what a difference a few years will make.

I'm in trouble. Serious trouble.

ETA: I have no idea why the video shows up like this. Just click on it and it will play fine. Weird. And don't think I didn't notice videos of other Baby Gages on youtube. Just ignore them. This is the only Baby Gage that counts. :)


Emily said...

cute, cute video. I don't know which i love more, gage laughing or braeden yelling "mama"!

Yes, my friend, you are in serious trouble! :)

Me-ma said...

Oh, that laugh and those cheeks remind me of you when you were that age! Thanks so much for sharing that video. xxmom