Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ooh la la!

Gage reluctantly modeled his new pants this morning. It's not that he cried or protested too loudly, he just wasn't in the mood to smile for the camera.

My first pair of pants ended up fitting Gage pretty well. Cloth diapers make for a bigger butt, so I had to add a strip of fabric to the top. That fabric encased the elastic. It kind of makes the pants look like they have a finished waistband. Nice. They pants are a little big in the waist giving him some room to grow. They're also a little long, but I gave them a wide hem so they can be turned up.

After a little fine-tuning, I think I'll have a really good pattern which is good because I'm expecting a fabric delivery soon. You can expect to see more pictures of sweet baby Gage in mommy-made pants!

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lera said...

Alright! Look at those pants!!! Good job.