Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Primary Day

Before they left this morning Braeden came in my room, climbed up on the bed, and announced that he was going to vote. I was still kind of asleep so I wasn't sure I understood. At first I thought the daycare was doing some kind of kid-voting thing in honor of NC primary day. But then Mat came in and told me he was taking Braeden to the voting place with him that morning.

Well that woke me right up! Ever the blogger I was thrilled with the idea of Braeden and Mat voting together. I could see all the adorable pictures I would take--Braeden closing the curtain, Braeden flipping the switches, Braeden pulling the lever to open the curtain...then I remembered it was 2008. We've got touchscreen monitors on which we vote. They're all set up next to each so there's no real privacy to shield your choices. There's definitely no curtain and no lever. And I also remembered that it was 7:30 AM and I was still in my PJs in bed with a baby laying next to me. So, readers, please know that I'm sorry. I do give it my all, but this morning I stayed in bed. :)

Mat went to the polls this morning expecting to vote on the bond referendums and found out he could choose to vote Democrat or Republican even though he's a "throw-your-vote-away" Independent. He picked Democrat and proceeded to cancel out my vote, the vote of a true Democrat, by choosing Obama. When they were done, Braeden got an "I voted" sticker and Mat took him to school.

Gage and I headed out to the polls about an hour later. I expected to wait in a long line but really only had to wait a few minutes. I was shocked that I wasn't asked to show ID; instead they asked for my name, home address, and my party affiliation. I'd even dug out my voter registration card convinced I would have to show it and my driver's license. I wore Gage in the Moby facing forward for the first time this morning. Nope, sorry, no pictures. I know it liked it, though, because he was all smiles while we waited for the next machine to open up. After I did my civic duty, Gage and I both got stickers and we left on our next errand--purchasing teacher appreciation gifts for the two women in Bray's room at school.

His whole class is scheduled to move up to the next room in mid-June. He'll be in the same room with Makena and Zander and rejoining his friend, Matthew. Plus we got the teacher we wanted, so we're pleased with how it's all working out.

After Gage and I got home, I nursed him and noticed he seemed sleepy. I put him in his swing and went out to the kitchen to find something for lunch. After a few minutes of listening to him fuss, I popped back in expecting to need to replace his paccy. When I got over to the swing, I could smell the problem. When I got his pants off (new pants that I made him, by the way), I found poop on his leg! Poop was starting to leak through the cloth pants of his gDiaper. And I knew it was going to be bad. When I opened it up, there was poop everywhere. It took all the wipes left in the container to clean up the mess. Naked Gage went on the floor on top of a sherpa prefold to air out. I took everything else into the bathroom, flushed the insert and ran for the laundry detergent. The liner and the pant got a quick rinse and hand wash and are now lying in the tub to dry. The sink and changing table got a quick clean with purple 409. After washing my hands, I came out of the bathroom to find Gage cooing happily on the floor.

I put him on his play gym so I could grab my lunch and here's what I found when I came back in to the living room...

I knew he was tired!

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Please e-mail me the Gage/playgym sleeping photo! I must have it!!