Monday, May 5, 2008

Putting out fires

Mat had to work all day Saturday so that left just me and the boys to hold down the fort. We made chocolate chip cookies in the morning...Braeden is turning into a great helper in the kitchen. He loves anything that requires using the stand mixer or the food processor. Come to think of it, he likes the blender too. I guess anything with a button, anything that makes a bunch of noise, or anything that you can see at work (like watching bread turn into breadcrumbs in the food processor).

I didn't take any pictures from this Saturday, but here's one from a week or so ago when Braeden and I made cupcakes. I ALWAYS got to lick the beaters when I was a kid. And it's still one of my favorite parts of baking, so I'm so happy to share that with Braeden.

While the cookies were in the oven, Braeden figured it was time to do some serious work. He put on his fire chief hat, got our step stool/firetruck out of the closet, and set to work putting out fires.

I asked Braeden if Gage could try on his hat...being the good brother he is, Braeden said yes. Please excuse these next two pictures. I'm sitting on the kitchen floor with Gage on my lap trying to take the picture without actually being able to see the screen, just holding the camera at the angle I think I need to in order to get a shot of Gage's face. As you can see, I did only okay at this. I love this picture because I love baby toes!

His face is a little fuzzy in this second picture and the bright sun completely washed out our morning room, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

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Me-ma said...

I also must have the B photo licking the beater!! Need to add to my photo gallery so please e-mail me the photo!!