Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bed time means go to sleep

When I was a kid, I used to slip out of bed after my parents tucked me in so that I could read my Golden Books. Sometimes I would creep all the way out to the top of our stairs to read by the light from downstairs. And sometimes, if I was feeling less brave, I would sit by my door and read. More than once my parents found me asleep behind the door.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because we're having some issues with Braeden accepting that lights out means bed time. He seems to think it means get out of bed and look out the window. And get out of bed to turn on the light and read books. And get out of bed to ask for a drink of water. And get out of bed to announce to us he needs to go to the bathroom. And get out of bed to...Well, you get the point.

Braeden is in bed with the lights off by 8:00. Tonight the bed time games went on until 8:45 when it finally grew quiet upstairs. Right after Mat came downstairs, we could hear Braeden calling for him. Daddy. Come. Up. Here. Now. He said it over and over, growing more insistent each time he said it. He wanted Mat to say goodnight to his Curious George. (Braeden sleeps with six or seven stuffed animals!) Once Mat came down, things were quiet for a while. By quiet, I mean he was in his room talking and singing to himself. I was sitting down on the couch when I got that weird feeling. That feeling someone was watching me. I turned around to find Braeden standing at the gate looking down at me. He wanted me to come upstairs and cover him up. Then a few minutes later he came out to say he heard a noise. After that he needed to go to the bathroom. And the last time he came out, he told me he had seen a red bird meaning he had been out of bed looking out his window.

I know some of this is happening because it stays lighter later. It throws me off too. By the time it's really dark, it's after 9:00 but in my head it's only 7:30.

But I also think he's afraid to miss something. He's particularly interested in keeping tabs on our neighborhood, especially our two neighbors with LOUD cars. He's always been like this. He was the same way while we were trying to potty train him, afraid to stop playing to go to the bathroom. It was just too easy to pee in his diaper.

Part of me thinks his aversion to bed time is cute. But I can't let him see that. Mat's very serious about bed time. He gets really pissed at Braeden's antics. And I know we need to stay together on this one so that Braeden gets the message. So I do my best to keep the smile off my face and be firm with Braeden. But sometimes I just want to laugh. And scoop Braeden up in my arms. And cover him with kisses.

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Me-ma said...

Ouch, it still give me a pain remembering those times when I innocently opened your bedroom door to check on you, only to whack your sleeping, cuddly body wrapped up in your blanket behind your door! What really possessed you to sleep on the hardwood floor behind the door instead of in your princesss Melissa 4 poster bed?? So, yes, you are right in saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Even though Braeden's night time excuses not to go to sleep are disruptive, I have to think that it is fun to listen to how inventive he can be in coming up with the next reason not to settle down in his bed!