Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bits of Stuff

Snippets instead of a real post:

Gage and I were having a disagreement yesterday about clothes. Mine, not his. He happily wore the onesie my mom got him at Target. It's this cute kimono-style onesie with blue dots. After I nursed and burped Gage yesterday morning, I got dressed so we could run out to Target, the post office, and the grocery store. Before I put Gage in his car seat, I was cuddling with him a little on our bed listening to music. Next thing I know, I fill this warm liquid running down my shoulder. Without warning that kid spit up all over my shirt and pants. I don't think he likes that shirt at all...the last time I put it on, he moved the burp cloth out of the way so he could spit up all over my shoulder instead. :) After our errands, I was sitting on the floor holding Gage drinking an iced coffee. At the same time I took a sip, Gage grabbed the straw pulling it out of my mouth. Coffee dribbled down my chin, the front of my shirt, onto my pants and my legs. That's when I gave up and put my comfy clothes back on!


I LOVE DirecTV! I get the tennis channel and when there's a grand slam (US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, or Australian Open), I get six or seven extra channels showing play on the different courts. It used to be that I had to watch whatever match was being shown on ESPN or CBS. But now I can flip through the extra channels and pick and choose my own match. Right now I'm watching Lleyton Hewitt (who I really like) destroy an amazingly beautiful man from Italy called Bolelli.


I've been having trouble falling asleep the last couple nights because my mind is so busy planning. Last night I was nursing Gage in his room before I went to bed. As I looked around his room I decided he needed more shelf space and wondered how hard it would be to build him a small bookcase. Then I started to think he could use a window seat under his corner windows. With storage inside. I could make him cushions for the top!

I would have to add that to my long list of projects. Right now I'm making a tote bag for the back of Nanny's wheelchair. I have fabrics selected and a plan set; I just need to start cutting. I also bought what I needed to make something that's going to remain a secret for now. And I have this idea of making myself a new diaper bag with this fantastic summery, cherry fabric I bought a few weeks ago. And then I got a little ambitious (too ambitious, maybe?) and signed up for a swap. People online love their swaps! I've been reading tales from other bloggers about swapping and really wanted to try my hand at it. I signed up at Itching 2 B Stitching's blog. I really like the idea of making something for someone I don't really know. I mean, I'll get to know a little about someone--the colors they like and how they want to use the tote I make, but otherwise it's all up to me. It feels like a lot less pressure to me than making something for a friend or family member.


Speaking of, I e-mailed my sister to see if she liked any of the Amy Butler bag patterns. I've been wanting to make her swing bag for a long time now. I thought if there was something Abi liked, I could make it for her for Christmas. Part of me thinks she's going to hate the idea and say no. Another part of me thinks she'll never even look at the patterns or respond (she's bad like that). But I really hope she likes something and wants me to give it a shot. The other bag I really like is the birdie sling, so maybe one day I'll blog about making it. :)


Last bit of randomness for today...we figured out how to get videos off our video camera (issues with compatibility with the Mac and with Vista). There are a bunch of old videos that I'm downloading and putting on youtube. Over the next couple weeks, you can expect to find old movies of Braeden on his blog. Here's the first. It's nothing exciting, but it's sweet to see him at this age. He's just learning to talk! I love listening to him ask for more.

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