Friday, June 6, 2008

Ice cube trays

I always wanted a fridge that had an ice dispenser on the front, especially one that dispenses crushed ice. I love that great crushed ice you get sometimes in a coke, the kind that makes your soda more like a slushie than just a soda. Not that my fridge gives you that perfect crushed ice, but I do love that I can have ice water any time I want it.

And because of that, I never had a need for ice cube trays. Until I had Braeden, that is. Then I bought the trays to freeze the baby food I made for him. And now I'm using them to freeze Gage's baby food. And my fresh basil. And the pesto I made from my homegrown basil. In fact, my freezer is full of ziploc baggies, all labeled with ingredient and date.

There's a baggie with cubes of banana mush, one with cubes of sweet potato mush, and later today there will be a new baggie with cubes of acorn squash mush. In the morning, I put a banana cube in one of my fiestaware fruit bowls (finally, a use for these tiny little bowls). The cube doesn't take long to thaw; it's usually ready by the time I've finished my cereal. To the thawed banana mash, I add rice cereal and a little breast milk to thin it out. And that's Gage's breakfast! He really likes it, opening his mouth for the next bite and fussing a little if I take too long between spoonfuls. Then for dinner he gets a cube of sweet potato mush. And starting tonight he can try acorn squash.

I couldn't decide which of these I liked better. In the first one, Braeden has the most earnest expression on his face. I love when he looks like that. But in this next one, he's hamming it up for the camera which is oh-so-adorable. Gage has just the slightest hint of a smile on his face which is sweet. He really lights up when Braeden is around. You can already see that he adores his big brother and is going to enjoy following him around when he's older. :)

I think after the squash, we'll try apples and then peas. I was originally thinking about carrots but I want to introduce a green vegetable to the mix before adding another orange one. I don't know if it matters much in the long run, but I want him to experience a range of tastes and colors to help ensure he grows up liking all different kinds of vegetables. And I'm already looking forward to trying peaches and pears later this summer!

Along with baggies of mush for Gage, there's also a baggie full of pesto cubes. I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but in April I took the boys to an herb festival. Our local women's collective (I can't think of the real name) hosts an annual herb festival each spring. And each spring I've said I was going to go, but this is the first year I made it. Mat stayed home to mow the lawn and I took the two boys. Stupidly I took Gage inside in his stroller. I should have worn in him in the Moby so I would have more mobility to run after Braeden but I hadn't known what to expect. We survived, though, and I came home with three basil plants. I was nervous that they wouldn't survive my haphazard gardening, but they're doing great. And I'm inspired to plant more herbs next year. I picked basil because I love pesto but hate it out of a jar (too oily!). But even more than pesto, I've found I like adding the fresh basil leaves to things like pizza, turkey meatballs, and sauce from a jar. Sooo good.

My three plants yield more basil than the two of us can eat, so I found out you can freeze fresh basil which means I won't have to go without come January. I just chopped up the basil and put some in each of the cubes, added water, and froze them. Now I have a bag of basil ice cubes in my freezer.

When I was a kid, we used our ice cube trays for plain, old ice. This is so much more fun!

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