Sunday, June 22, 2008


You guys know Braeden loves looking at photos of himself on my computer. When I'm using my computer, he'll run over and say, "I want to see pictures of Braeden." I love showing him the pictures because I want him to remember the moments captured in those pictures. Like our trip to Charleston. Or our most recent vacation in Virginia Beach with MeMa and P-Pa.

Those are memories I try to keep alive for him. But sometimes he surprises me with what he remembers on his own. I showed him pictures Mat took when we were in the hospital after I had Gage. I reminded him how MeMa and P-Pa brought him to the hospital to see us and how he peeked into the room then ran to me where I was sitting in the chair holding the baby. He climbed up into my lap and looked at Gage. It's a moment I'll never forget.

Anyway. While we were looking at the pictures and talking about that day, Braeden told me how he and I sat on my bed together. And that he pressed the button to make the bed go up and down. I hadn't thought about that until he said it, but he's right. He climbed up into the bed with me, and I thought he would like that the head and foot of my bed went up and down. And he did love playing with the buttons and feeling the bed move under him.

I'm constantly amazed by the way this kid's mind works...the things he says, the connections he makes between things and situations. I'm going to post more of his memories and the crazy things he says because they're things I want to remember. One of Mat's former students (and someone who has babysat for Braeden!) e-mailed me today and said that when Braeden and Gage are older, they'll be so glad I blogged about them. She said she cherishes the baby book her mom kept for her. I think she's right. Braeden will love reading these silly stories one day!

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