Sunday, June 1, 2008


Usually when I write a blog post, I have a plan. And pictures. But this post is just going to be a random mish-mash of stuff that's been collecting over the past few days.

Saturday morning our development had a yard sale. We put out some things but got very little business. We love our cul-de-sac location but it was too far off the beaten path for buyers. Mat packed everything up two hours early and took what didn't sell (virtually everything) to the Salvation Army. The one thing I was sad to see go was Braeden's baby bedding--the comforter, bumper, and bedskirt that is. At least I still have the crib sheet!

Since we weren't busy selling, we got to hang out a little with some of our neighbors. Christina and Andy are the project people on our street. They're always refinishing furniture or doing some kind of crazy, intense landscaping project. She had a baby boy, Sam, just after Valentine's Day. He was one of those babies that looked more like an old man at birth than a brand new baby. Cute, though. She asked me how much Gage weighed now and I guessed 13 pounds. Sam, at three months old, already weighs 13+ pounds.

Then today I went to get my nails done and the woman next to me was talking about her five-month-old daughter who weighs 17 pounds!

Oh well. I have small babies. I'm tired of people trying to make me feel bad about that.

With that out of the way, I'll take a minute and show you what I've been working on. Nope, not pants. But I do love the way Gage's pants and shirts have turned out. The pants couldn't be easier and the shirts make the outfit, so you'll definitely be seeing more of them in the future. But for now, I've been making grown-up projects from a book I ordered from amazon. Bend-the-rules Sewing is full of fantastic (and easy) projects. I bought the book because I kept obsessing over the clutch on the cover. So of course that was the first thing I made...

I even made my own fabric-covered button to coordinate. I think it's a great touch!

Once I finished the clutch, I was itching to make something else. So I tried out the simple tote. I took extreme care cutting and ironing my fabrics because I really wanted the bag to turn out well. And I was very worried about wasting the cool fabric I bought. I used a brown flowery fabric for the outside and a cool striped fabric for the inside and the long handle. And inside is a pocket I made using the outside fabric. It was my first pocket, so I'm feeling pretty damn cool right now!

Here's a shot of the inside and the pocket!

I hope you guys like these as much as I do because some of you might be getting clutches, totes, or other homemade presents in the coming months! Oh, and please check out some of the new blogs I've added to the column at the right. Angry Chicken is Amy Karol's blog (author of bend-the-rules). Portabellopixie is the blog of a fabric designer...I'm in love with her new collection, Farmers Market. Those colors. That fruit. Love it.

I'm also working on a post for Braeden's blog that should be up tomorrow. I've got some pictures from Saturday's trip to the Natural Science Center. Fun. :)

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Me-ma said...

The clutch bag is excellent! Very chic! And I do so like the stripe fabric mixed with the other design on your tote bag with the pocket! Just imagine the endless possibilities of bags you can make. Can you make something for your grandmother's wheelchair if I give you some dimensions?