Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Saturday

Today was a LONG day for us. I didn't think we tried to do too much, but it seemed like it was too much for both boys.

The children's museum had a special program today on fire safety. They had a truck outside and a funny little train that ran around the parking lot. Braeden was excited to see the firetruck but didn't want to play in it. It was probably the firefighter that freaked him out. He did ride around the parking lot in the train with Mat once but then he wanted to go right inside to play.

We got him an ID card complete with his fingerprints. I tried to keep the whole experience kind of light but at the end the woman pointed out that there were instructions inside the packet on collecting a DNA sample. I just broke down. I can't even write about it now, so I'll just move on and say that Braeden was very happy to drive the firetruck that's inside the museum. He even brought his fire hat. (The local fire department was at our Lowe's one day and they gave him the hat.) Of course, he wears the hat backwards so it looks more like a plastic baseball cap!

He never likes to leave the museum but we bribed him with lunch out. He ate his entire lunch (pancakes!) but was a little naughty. Gage was awake and fussing because he really hadn't napped at all during the morning. Braeden fell asleep in the car on the way home but Gage was awake and talking the whole way! Poor kids were really hot and sweaty, though. When we got in the car after the museum, the car's thermometer read 110 degrees!!!

When we got back home after lunch, Bray went upstairs for quiet time. Even though he had napped in the car and was obviously very tired, he didn't sleep during quiet time. Then we were off to Lowe's for our grocery shopping. And when we got home from that, I shot a couple little videos of Braeden and Gage.

Braeden didn't like that Mat put away the teddy bear he had taken with him to the museum this morning (the bear stayed in the car while we went in to play, but Bray really likes taking him in the car and I love seeing him snuggling with the bear while we're driving!).

I'm not sure how clear Braeden's words are, so here's a little transcript. First Braeden tells me Gage's hands are juicy. :) Then he goes through a list of things he's going to teach Gage when he grows to grab the bear, to climb up on the white kitchen stool, to turn on the TV, and to push buttons on the camera. What a good big brother he is!

When we were getting ready to leave for the museum this morning we could hear a car alarm going off. It was close but muffled, so we figured the car was in a garage probably at the end of our street (but not in our cul-de-sac). Well, the damn thing is still going off! I guess the owners went on vacation and something set their alarm off. Sitting in my living room, I can hear it pretty clearly. This person's neighbors must want to kill someone! I would probably end up calling the police. Or breaking into the house to shut off the alarm.

I'm off to bed...hopefully I won't be able to hear that damn alarm in the bedroom!

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Mareike said...

Your boys are sooooo cute together. Thanks for sharing.