Monday, June 30, 2008

To the doctor

Gage turning six months old meant it was time for another check-up. Braeden wanted me to take him to school this morning, so I sent Mat off to work and finished getting ready. We got Bray to school with a minimum of fuss and made it to the doctor just a couple minutes late.

I had to fill out the brief six-month questionnaire answering questions about Gage's gross motor skills, his social development, etc. Then we waited. I've almost never had to wait, so that was weird. Finally, Marsha, our doctor's nurse, came to get us. I stripped Gage down to his diaper so we could put him on the scale. I guessed he would weigh 14 pounds, and he did! He measured 25 3/4 inches long and his head measured 17 1/4 inches. When our doctor came in, we discussed his weight and measurements.

Gage is in the 25th percentile for height while his head measurement is in the 50th percentile. Then the doctor told me his weight fell on the low end of the chart. I think I chuckled and made some wiseass remark. At the same time, Dr. N told me the percentile.

Me: Oh. Well, 30th percentile's not that small. Isn't that where he was last time? That doesn't seem so bad.
Dr: Not 30th percentile. I said 3rd percentile.
Me: Right. 30th...wait...did you say 3rd percentile? What?
Dr: Yes. 3rd percentile.
Me: Laughing in total disbelief.
Dr: It's really not a big deal. He's clearly very healthy, meeting all the developmental milestones on time. It's obvious he's well-fed.
Me: Still laughing. Speechless.

I couldn't stop laughing. 3rd percentile??? Are you kidding me?! I didn't even think that was possible. That means that 97% of babies weigh more than my kid. 97 out of 100 babies. Well, I said I've accepted having small babies, so there you go.

But then, because I can't not compare, I pulled out Braeden's baby book to check his six-month stats. At siix months, Braeden was 25 1/4 inches long (1/2 inch shorter than Gage) and weighed 15 lbs 13 oz! That's almost TWO pounds more than Gage weighed today.

Wow. A complete reversal from two months ago when Gage weighed half a pound more than Braeden did at that age. Six-month-old Braeden was in the 25th percentile for both height and weight. My memory of Braeden's first months are so completely dominated by his reflux and slow weight gain...being under doctor's orders to bring him in each week for weight checks; all those weeks where he didn't gain a thing. But I see now that I'm fixated on those early (tough) months and I need to take the time to remember the chubby, happy Braeden. I'm going to have to reread early posts on Little Boy Braeden (which I started in July 2005 when Braeden was six months old).

After the talk of percentiles, the rest of the visit was pretty uneventful. Gage had to have two shots and get another dose of the rotavirus drops.

And we go back in three months for his nine-month appointment.


Emily said...

you know i feel about gage being in the 3rd percentile... :) he's perfect, melissa!

I can't wait to love on him on Thursday!!

Me-ma said...

Hang on Baby Gage....Me-ma is on the way with Me-ma cookies...yummie and full of fattening, all-natural ingredients!