Monday, June 9, 2008

Wooly bottom

A few weeks ago I asked my mom to knit some wool for Gage to wear over his fitteds and prefolds. Cloth diapering moms I "know" online swear by wool covers because they're super-absorbent but also breathable. And even though I always thought of wool as something to keep you warm in the winter and completely unwearable in the summer, it turns out I was 100% wrong. Wool actually keeps a baby's bottom cooler than the PUL covers I've been using (like the one I blogged about here).

I sent my mom a couple different sets of directions to see what she would be most comfortable with and she chose a wrap-style cover. She bought two different colors of wool and got started right away. Last week she sent me the first wrap. It's gorgeous!

I LOVE the colors in the variegated yarn. It wasn't finished, though. I had to sew on the velcro and lanolize it so it would be waterproof. Mom thought she was sticking me with the hard jobs, but I could never have knit the wrap so I was happy to figure out the other stuff. Besides, if I wanted to buy something like this, I'd have to put upwards of $20-25. This is so much better!

I ordered some touchtape (like velcro but commonly used in making cloth diapers) and a bar of wool wash and lanolin. I summoned up my courage and sewed the touchtape on. I even made laundry tabs! (These tabs ensure that your velcro doesn't get stuck to the wool fibers and ruin your wrap.) Taking a recommendation from one of my online friends, I bought my wool wash and lanolin from a work-at-home-mom (a WAHM). She adds fragrances to them, so mine are citrus and sage. Opening the package Saturday made the entire house smell citrusy! Strong, but nice.

The wrap was dry by last night, so this morning I decided to try it out. It's a little big for him right now which is great because it means he'll be able to wear this wrap for a long time. I've used the wrap over prefolds (the old-fashioned kind of diapers that are now most commonly used for burp cloths) and over his kissaluv fitteds. The outside of the wrap stays dry. His bottom stays cool. There are no more red marks on his legs and waist from the PUL covers.

And I absolutely love my wool!

I couldn't pick which picture to post, so I finally decided to post three and be done with it. Who's going to complain about three cute kid pics?

Thanks, mom! I can't wait to get the next one! :)

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Me-ma said...

We are thrilled to see Gage in his wool wrap! He looks most handsome and you have to know this Me-ma is tickled pink that you like what I knit for the first one! The 2nd one is going to be just as cute and it's coming along nicely -- although I find the wool a little hot to knit with in our 100 degree weather right now!! and thanks for doing the velcro part and of course the washing with lanoline, etc!