Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home again!

Mat and Braeden got home from NY Monday afternoon. Gage and I were so happy to see them! Braeden ran in first and yelled boo. He did it one day and I acted surprised, so he thinks it's the funnies thing now and does it almost every day. I had just finished nursing Gage, so we were snuggling when Braeden came in. After yelling boo, he came over to sit on my lap next to Gage. He gave us both logs of hugs and kisses. And I was so happy he was home!

Not that Gage and I didn't have fun while they were gone...we had lunch with my friend Ethel one day and met Emily and Will at the children's museum Saturday morning. You can see the great pictures she took of the boys on her blog. After the museum we went for pancakes. The boys split an order of dollar pancakes. They were so cute shoveling pancakes into their mouths! They were good pancakes!

We did errands--grocery shopping, runs to Target, Babies R Us, and a trip to the fabric store. But mostly we just hung around the house and played. Here he is playing with his diapers I had just finished washing and stuffing. All those toys and it's the diapers he wanted to play with.

Here's a picture mom sent from their recent visit here. It's sweet to see Gage fascinated by my dad's beard the same way Braeden was at that age.

The other thing I did while on my own was to finish up my package for the tote bag swap. I had to include a yard of my favorite fabric, so I picked out this wonderful print with bright red cherries. I also sent my swap partner two recipes I thought she would like--the applesauce granola I make and the poundcake recipe from the Moosewood desserts cookbook.

I hope she likes the bag I made.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Eating together

This morning I mashed up some banana to feed to Gage. After he was done eating, I scrambled an egg and made a piece of toast for me. I've been thinking about giving Gage some new things to eat for a while...I was thinking of buying those Gerber puffs that Braeden loved so much. While I waited for my toast to pop up, I started to wonder why I couldn't share my toast with Gage. So before I buttered it, I cut off a quarter.

When I first gave it to him, it was clear he wasn't sure what to do with it. I took a bite of my toast thinking he'd see me and it would click. It must have, or maybe it was just that everything he picks up goes in his mouth.

Here's what happens when he thinks there's no more toast!

Phew! One more piece!

Oh, and did you notice the tooth? I tried taking pictures of it the other day, but Gage wouldn't cooperate. When I was looking at these photos, I realized I caught a great shot of his first tooth! Click on the picture to make it bigger and you can see his pearly white.

I was nervous about giving Gage his first taste of toast, worried he would choke on it, worried that I was doing it too soon. But he gummed up the toast like a champ. No coughing or choking at all. And he obviously loved it! I see more toast in our future. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Diapers!!

If I post a link to Baby Cheapskate on my blog, I get an extra entry into a contest to win 12 bumGenius! diapers. And who can pass that up??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back on track

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while; I guess I haven't been in the mood. No excuse, but there it is.

I FINALLY finished the tote bag I was working on for the swap I'm participating in (my first swap). It took me forever. First off, it was a lot harder than I thought to pick out fabrics for someone I don't know. So much pressure. After the fabric selection, I still had to figure out what style tote to make. And that was almost as hard as choosing the fabric. But I'm finally done. And that means I can sew something for myself. :)

Gage's new tooth is coming in nicely. I can see it when he smiles and laughs! It's adorable.

He's also learning to be mobile. It's crazy! If there's a toy he wants, he can roll to get it. But he can also scoot or shimmy there on his tummy. And twice now, we've gone in to his room after nap time and found him on his hands and knees in his crib. When I found him that way today, he seemed upset. I'm not sure if it's because he wasn't happy it took me a few minutes to get upstairs or if it was because he got stuck in that position and didn't know what to do next.

Tomorrow Mat and Braeden are driving to NY to spend a few days with Mat's parents at their farm and then a couple days with my parents. Braeden's very excited. And I know Mat will have a good time once the full day of driving is over. I can't even tell you how much I'm going to miss them.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too silly!

Sometimes I can't help but kick myself...Bray says all kinds of adorable things, things I want to remember forever, but if I don't write them down immediately I forget. So, here's a list of silly things about Braeden--stuff he says, things he does, or just my own observations about him. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do!

1. Braeden has understood for a while that letters make up words. But here's what he says, "Z starts with zipper. M starts with mommy." But my personal favorite is this one: "B starts with me." I LOVE that.

2. He's getting really good at taking care of Gage. Or, as he says, "dealing" with baby Gage. He brings Gage toys, talks to him, makes silly noises at him, gives him kisses and hugs, "pets" him, and tells me he thinks Gage wants to nurse. Gage watches Braeden when he's in the room, smiles when Braeden talks or does something silly, and seems very happy when Braeden pays attention to him. It's so sweet, somewhat unexpected, and such a help to me.

3. He hears us use adult phrases and then incorporates them into his day-to-day speech. Like what, you ask? Well...a couple he picked up from MeMa are "Holy Cow" and "Let's go outside and enjoy a beautiful day." Another funny one he says a lot is: "Well, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me." He says that one in response to lots of things like going out to eat, reading books, just about anything.

Here's another one, one that makes me very aware of the things I say around Braeden...when we went to see my parents last month and we were almost there I got stuck behind some cars going much too slowly. I was impatient and tired, so I was muttering and complaining about the drivers in front of me saying things like "C'mon...why are you driving so slowly?" Well, the other day Braeden and I were in the car and he started saying some of those same things. It cracked me up! I was glad I had enough sense to complain in a G-rated fashion instead of using the bad words that come so easily to me. :)

4. His pronunciations of certain words just kill me! One of my favorites is the way he says girl. I'll have to get him on video doing it because my writing out his pronunciation isn't going to do it justice.

Me: girl
Braeden: gorl

Another good one is oatmeal. He actually sounds Canadian when he pronounces the word. He does watch the Berenstein Bears every morning, and that show is voiced entirely by Canadian actors...maybe that's where it comes from!

Me: oatmeal
Braeden: otmeal

I'm sure I'll think of more silly things to post but I'm tired of seeing this unfinished post every time I log in to blogger. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New and exciting

I still can't believe it, but Gage has his FIRST TOOTH! We were nursing in his room this afternoon before I put him down for a nap (which he wouldn't take), and he grabbed my finger and shoved it in his mouth. While he was sucking on my finger I could feel a small, sharp something. I tickled his chin until he opened his mouth and saw it...a little white tooth just poking out from his gum! It's the bottom front tooth on the right side. And it's so cute! I'll try to get a picture of it soon.

If this first tooth is any indication, Gage is going to be a great teether. Just like his big brother who never complained about teething or let it get in the way of eating or nursing. He also never ran a fever or had any of the other symptoms that some kids have. I guess that makes us lucky!

Gage's new trick is to blow raspberries. He LOVES doing it! Consequently we're all getting wet. And the fronts of his onesies get soaked too! But it's adorable. And you can see how much fun he's having, so I don't mind too much. :)

And he's also getting better at sitting upright. He sits for a few minutes at a time and can even stop himself from falling (sometimes) when he leans too far to one side.

The rest of our visit with MeMa and P-Pa went well. My mom does have shingles which isn't really contagious. She saw her doctor when they got back home and he assured her Gage would be fine since he has my antibodies from nursing. :) Braeden (who is probably also protected from me nursing him) has had the chicken pox vaccine. She's on the right medicine now, and should be just fine in no time.

Thursday night we made pizza and homemade ice cream. Then they left around 4:30 Friday morning. Mat woke up briefly but didn't get out of bed. The rest of us slept through it! We were sorry not to see them go but glad for the extra couple hours of sleep!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me-Ma and P-Pa, part 1

MeMa and P-Pa got to our house in the early afternoon on Monday. They had spent the night in VA which meant they didn't have to drive the full way here in one day. Dad and I picked Braeden up from school while MeMa gave Gage a bottle. That night we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. P-Pa loves the OG and doesn't get to go often since there isn't one close to their house.

Tuesday afternoon P-Pa, Mat, and Braeden went to the pool while MeMa and I stayed home with Gage so he could nap. Then they stayed home with the boys so Mat and I could go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We've been married EIGHT years! We had a great dinner at PF Chang's then spent a little time walking around the Friendly Center, going into shops, and dodging giant rain drops.

Wednesday we went to Chik-fil-A for lunch, another favorite of MeMa and P-Pa's. Braeden was kind of a pill...he was stalling and not eating his lunch but he wanted to go in the playplace. Finally he ate two of his nuggets, dropped two on the floor, and ate a handful of fries. Then he got to go play. He got stuck in the tall tunnel--it has landings that he had to pull himself up onto in order to get to the top. It wasn't hard for Braeden to get up to the top...but when he tried to come back down, his toes didn't reach and he got scared. He started calling for me and I tried to reassure him from outside the tube. He tried to come down a couple times but was too afraid. Instead he went up to the very top! I had to get into the tube and climb up a few steps, contorting my body in weird ways so I would fit into the tunnel made for kids. It was a little awkward, but I was able to get Braeden down to my level. He grabbed hold of me, wrapping his arms around my neck. He was so nervous, and so sweet. I helped him down and he was back to normal.

The only problem we've had is that MeMa got a yucky case of poison ivy pulling weeds in her backyard. The rash started on her neck on the drive here, so she and P-Pa are at urgent care right now trying to get some kind of medicine to clear it up. Hopefully they won't have to sit and wait for too, too long.

When they got here Monday I gave mom the bag I had made for her...we had seen this blue bag in the window of a store in Rhinebeck. The bag had rope handles and said Rhinebeck, NY on it. Mom mentioned liking the handles and I thought I could probably make one like it. Here she is modeling the bag...

And here's a picture of the inside; I gave her two big pockets on one side and a smaller pocket on the other for her cell phone.

And finally, here's a better shot of Nanny's bag (for her wheelchair). I also made her a small pouch to hold tissues. Cute, right?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Picture overload

This morning I'm sitting in Panera blogging. I woke up in a mood, I guess. It started when Mat brought Gage to me at 4:30! He had woken up last night at 10:13 and would not go back to sleep on his own. I nursed him at least an hour earlier than usual, so it's not really a surprise that he didn't make it until 5:30 or 6:00 this morning. The real problem was that he didn't go back to sleep after I nursed him which means neither did I. Instead of sleeping, Gage kicked his feet (into my side), swung his arms around (thwapping me in the face), and made cute (at any other time than 4:30AM) cooing noises until 6:30 when Braeden woke up saying he had peed in his bed. He wears a pull-up at night, but it leaked so his sheets and pajamas were wet. We haven't been able to get a good answer from Braeden about what happened. Initially he said he had needed to pee, so he peed in his bed. Then he told me it was just an accident. He never wakes up wet, and he always tells us when he needs to go to the bathroom.

But anyway, I got out of bed feeling like I needed a break from being the mommy. So here I am at Panera. I had a bagel...I miss bagels. Bagels down here (in the South) ought to be called something else. Most are more like rolls or something. They're not dense or chewy or anything else a real bagel should be. It's not that I don't like the "bagels" at Panera, it's just more helpful to think of them as something other than a bagel. Otherwise you'll be disappointed when you bite into it. I also had a mocha which I just realized wasn't decaf. Oh well. I should have brought my iPod to tune out the random conversations from everyone else around me. But it's still really nice to sit here quietly and do my own thing. And no one has called me mommy since I left the house! :)

I tend to post more on Gage's blog than Braeden's which makes me wonder yet again if I should just combine the two blogs. But when I think about it, I keep going back to the idea that I feel like I'm cheating Braeden...I started with Little Boy Braeden and it's important to me that he never feels like he got replaced by his baby brother. So this morning I put a long post on LBB about his half-birthday. I thought about not posting here, too, but I have a bunch of pictures that have been sitting on my desktop. Waiting. Less than patiently. :)

Here's a silly one of Mat and Gage from early June. Can you believe Mat's actually smiling??

This next picture is also from early June. I think sleeping baby pictures are my absolute most favorite pictures. They are so peaceful, so sweet.

For a few seconds at a time Gage can actually sit up by himself. Here he's sitting, and he's not even using his hands to prop himself up. He loved watching the screen and listening to the noises as Braeden played with his computer. Sometimes Gage would even press the keys himself which simultaneously bugged and delighted Braeden!

Yep, another sleeping baby picture...told you I loved them! Gage goes upstairs with Mat while he gives Braeden a bath. Once Braeden's safely in bed, I come upstairs to nurse Gage and put him down in his crib. Sometimes Gage falls asleep in the car seat while the bed time routine is happening. It's hard to believe he can sleep through Braeden's antics which sometimes involve LOTS of screaming, shouting, jumping, and running around.

Last picture (of Gage anyway)...here's our fourth of July firecracker baby!

I finished the bag for Nanny's wheelchair. The bag itself turned out beautifully. The handles are a different story. I got them attached backwards. I am so completely pissed about it and have come within seconds of ripping it apart to fix it about 10 times. Mat finally took the bag away from me and hid it. I'll give it to my mom when she's here and we can decide together if we should fix the handles or just leave them. I made the bag out twill and made a patchwork on the front using fabric from this very pretty floral collection called Flirt. Here's a picture showing the patchwork design. It's the only picture I managed to take before Mat hid the bag from me. I'll take a better picture this week. I really was very proud of the way the bag turned out. I loved it so much that I moved it from room to room so I could admire it wherever I was. I'm a dork. But I really was proud of it. :)

Happy (half) birthday, Braeden Rhys!

Around the time I was 13 (in middle school, anyway) my friends and I used to celebrate our half-birthdays. It was nothing elaborate, more that we recognized the day. When we had Braeden so close to Christmas, I felt like he was getting the short end of the stick in the celebration department. To compensate, Mat and I promised we would always make a big deal out of his birthday instead of making him feel like it was lumped in with Christmas. And we also agreed to celebrate his half-birthday. And what fun that that day falls on July 4! Who wouldn't want fireworks on their special day?? Not that we've taken Braeden to see fireworks yet...if only they happened during the day and not after his bed time!

We kept it simple, but it was still fun. Bray's new teacher (Mrs. Shirley) has been working with the kids to learn their birthdays. Braeden now knows he was born on January 4. And what's fun for me is that he'll turn four on January 4! My mom will understand that...she was delighted to be exactly double my age one year and double my sister's age another. :)

Mat took Braeden to the pool Friday afternoon and while Gage napped, I wrapped the presents: a Melissa & Doug wood puzzle (except ours has a fire truck, a yacht, an airplane, and a motorcycle), a Berenstein Bears book he wanted, and a couple new caterpillar construction toys. Braeden already had the dump truck and a backhoe; now he has a skid steer and a front-end loader. He loves them--they make construction noises and light up. They are sooo loud, especially when he brings one in the car!

I made cupcakes, then when Braeden got back from the pool we made frosting together. Braeden loves to help and I've been getting better about letting him. He wanted blue frosting, so that's what he got. :)

We grilled hot dogs and ate them with french fries. After dinner, Braeden had a cupcake with three candles (because he's three!).

Getting ready to blow out the candles...

I think he got tired of me taking so many pictures of him, but I have a 1 GB memory card for my camera now. I can take a hundred pictures just to get one good one and not have to worry about running out of room!

After his birthday cupcake, we went into the living room to open presents. After he got back from the pool, Braeden didn't want to get dressed again so he's just wearing his underwear. When he was a baby, he screamed during diaper changes and baths because he HATED being naked. Or maybe he hated being cold. But now it can be a real battle to get him dressed. He loves running around the house with no clothes on. He routinely tells me he'll put his shirt back on but not his shorts (or vice versa).

See how excited he is to open his new skid steer? In this picture you can see his poor, beat-up face. He took a header down our neighbor's driveway scraping up his face, a couple fingers, and his knee and shin. Poor baby.

It was a great day, a lot of fun. And now we're looking forward to tomorrow when MeMa and P-Pa arrive for a visit!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The little things

I think I like posting random snippets rather than always having to plot out my post, so here's another laundry list of random bits...

Gage and I had lunch with Emily today. So much fun. I loved watching her holding Gage. Plus it was great to be able to eat my sandwich and know someone was entertaining him and taking such good care of him. A definite perk to working in Greensboro (should the job thing happen) would be getting to see her more often. After lunch we went over to JoAnn's to pick up a few things. We went to Wal-Mart yesterday only to find out they weren't selling fabric any longer. Yet another reason to HATE Wal-Mart!

I needed something at Jo-Ann's to finish up a special project I'm working on. I also had to enlist Mat to help me with another part of the project. It's going to be a team effort!

I just entered a contest on another blog to win a $75 gift certificate for an online fabric store. Who wouldn't love that?!?!

Gage fell asleep on the way back to the house. Since he was still asleep when we pulled into the garage, I brought him inside and left him in his car seat in the bathroom. It's a little silly, but he's sleeping soundly. I hate messing up his nap schedule (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) but I also hate being hamstrung by it. Occasionally I want to go out, even if it is during nap time. So, it's not ideal, but it does work for us. :)

Braeden doesn't have school tomorrow for the fourth. It's also his half-birthday, so we have a few presents for him. I think he and I should make a cake, too, to celebrate. He loves to blow out the candles, too. Sweet, right?

Oh, one more Braeden thing...Last evening he was talking about something being beautiful. Then he turned to me and said, "You're beautiful, too, mommy." Precious.