Friday, July 25, 2008

Eating together

This morning I mashed up some banana to feed to Gage. After he was done eating, I scrambled an egg and made a piece of toast for me. I've been thinking about giving Gage some new things to eat for a while...I was thinking of buying those Gerber puffs that Braeden loved so much. While I waited for my toast to pop up, I started to wonder why I couldn't share my toast with Gage. So before I buttered it, I cut off a quarter.

When I first gave it to him, it was clear he wasn't sure what to do with it. I took a bite of my toast thinking he'd see me and it would click. It must have, or maybe it was just that everything he picks up goes in his mouth.

Here's what happens when he thinks there's no more toast!

Phew! One more piece!

Oh, and did you notice the tooth? I tried taking pictures of it the other day, but Gage wouldn't cooperate. When I was looking at these photos, I realized I caught a great shot of his first tooth! Click on the picture to make it bigger and you can see his pearly white.

I was nervous about giving Gage his first taste of toast, worried he would choke on it, worried that I was doing it too soon. But he gummed up the toast like a champ. No coughing or choking at all. And he obviously loved it! I see more toast in our future. :)

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