Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home again!

Mat and Braeden got home from NY Monday afternoon. Gage and I were so happy to see them! Braeden ran in first and yelled boo. He did it one day and I acted surprised, so he thinks it's the funnies thing now and does it almost every day. I had just finished nursing Gage, so we were snuggling when Braeden came in. After yelling boo, he came over to sit on my lap next to Gage. He gave us both logs of hugs and kisses. And I was so happy he was home!

Not that Gage and I didn't have fun while they were gone...we had lunch with my friend Ethel one day and met Emily and Will at the children's museum Saturday morning. You can see the great pictures she took of the boys on her blog. After the museum we went for pancakes. The boys split an order of dollar pancakes. They were so cute shoveling pancakes into their mouths! They were good pancakes!

We did errands--grocery shopping, runs to Target, Babies R Us, and a trip to the fabric store. But mostly we just hung around the house and played. Here he is playing with his diapers I had just finished washing and stuffing. All those toys and it's the diapers he wanted to play with.

Here's a picture mom sent from their recent visit here. It's sweet to see Gage fascinated by my dad's beard the same way Braeden was at that age.

The other thing I did while on my own was to finish up my package for the tote bag swap. I had to include a yard of my favorite fabric, so I picked out this wonderful print with bright red cherries. I also sent my swap partner two recipes I thought she would like--the applesauce granola I make and the poundcake recipe from the Moosewood desserts cookbook.

I hope she likes the bag I made.


Mareike said...

So glad to hear that Mat and Braeden are safely home. I hope they had a good time.

blanco bunny said...

I absolutely LOVE the bag! Also, I have received many compliments on it from other people so I thought I would pass them along :) Thanks so much for the bag, the fabric and the recipes. I am going to make the granola this week!