Saturday, July 12, 2008

New and exciting

I still can't believe it, but Gage has his FIRST TOOTH! We were nursing in his room this afternoon before I put him down for a nap (which he wouldn't take), and he grabbed my finger and shoved it in his mouth. While he was sucking on my finger I could feel a small, sharp something. I tickled his chin until he opened his mouth and saw it...a little white tooth just poking out from his gum! It's the bottom front tooth on the right side. And it's so cute! I'll try to get a picture of it soon.

If this first tooth is any indication, Gage is going to be a great teether. Just like his big brother who never complained about teething or let it get in the way of eating or nursing. He also never ran a fever or had any of the other symptoms that some kids have. I guess that makes us lucky!

Gage's new trick is to blow raspberries. He LOVES doing it! Consequently we're all getting wet. And the fronts of his onesies get soaked too! But it's adorable. And you can see how much fun he's having, so I don't mind too much. :)

And he's also getting better at sitting upright. He sits for a few minutes at a time and can even stop himself from falling (sometimes) when he leans too far to one side.

The rest of our visit with MeMa and P-Pa went well. My mom does have shingles which isn't really contagious. She saw her doctor when they got back home and he assured her Gage would be fine since he has my antibodies from nursing. :) Braeden (who is probably also protected from me nursing him) has had the chicken pox vaccine. She's on the right medicine now, and should be just fine in no time.

Thursday night we made pizza and homemade ice cream. Then they left around 4:30 Friday morning. Mat woke up briefly but didn't get out of bed. The rest of us slept through it! We were sorry not to see them go but glad for the extra couple hours of sleep!

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Me-ma said...

We just missed he tooth!! I felt he might be getting close by the way he was biting down on everything! Bet that little tooth looks so cute! We had a great visit, enjoyed your hospitality, the grandchildren entertainment, and all the chat time with you all. Thanks for having us! I love the bag you created for me! and Nanny's looks great and she is very proud of you for making it for her. That was very sweet of you and you did a great job.