Sunday, July 6, 2008

Picture overload

This morning I'm sitting in Panera blogging. I woke up in a mood, I guess. It started when Mat brought Gage to me at 4:30! He had woken up last night at 10:13 and would not go back to sleep on his own. I nursed him at least an hour earlier than usual, so it's not really a surprise that he didn't make it until 5:30 or 6:00 this morning. The real problem was that he didn't go back to sleep after I nursed him which means neither did I. Instead of sleeping, Gage kicked his feet (into my side), swung his arms around (thwapping me in the face), and made cute (at any other time than 4:30AM) cooing noises until 6:30 when Braeden woke up saying he had peed in his bed. He wears a pull-up at night, but it leaked so his sheets and pajamas were wet. We haven't been able to get a good answer from Braeden about what happened. Initially he said he had needed to pee, so he peed in his bed. Then he told me it was just an accident. He never wakes up wet, and he always tells us when he needs to go to the bathroom.

But anyway, I got out of bed feeling like I needed a break from being the mommy. So here I am at Panera. I had a bagel...I miss bagels. Bagels down here (in the South) ought to be called something else. Most are more like rolls or something. They're not dense or chewy or anything else a real bagel should be. It's not that I don't like the "bagels" at Panera, it's just more helpful to think of them as something other than a bagel. Otherwise you'll be disappointed when you bite into it. I also had a mocha which I just realized wasn't decaf. Oh well. I should have brought my iPod to tune out the random conversations from everyone else around me. But it's still really nice to sit here quietly and do my own thing. And no one has called me mommy since I left the house! :)

I tend to post more on Gage's blog than Braeden's which makes me wonder yet again if I should just combine the two blogs. But when I think about it, I keep going back to the idea that I feel like I'm cheating Braeden...I started with Little Boy Braeden and it's important to me that he never feels like he got replaced by his baby brother. So this morning I put a long post on LBB about his half-birthday. I thought about not posting here, too, but I have a bunch of pictures that have been sitting on my desktop. Waiting. Less than patiently. :)

Here's a silly one of Mat and Gage from early June. Can you believe Mat's actually smiling??

This next picture is also from early June. I think sleeping baby pictures are my absolute most favorite pictures. They are so peaceful, so sweet.

For a few seconds at a time Gage can actually sit up by himself. Here he's sitting, and he's not even using his hands to prop himself up. He loved watching the screen and listening to the noises as Braeden played with his computer. Sometimes Gage would even press the keys himself which simultaneously bugged and delighted Braeden!

Yep, another sleeping baby picture...told you I loved them! Gage goes upstairs with Mat while he gives Braeden a bath. Once Braeden's safely in bed, I come upstairs to nurse Gage and put him down in his crib. Sometimes Gage falls asleep in the car seat while the bed time routine is happening. It's hard to believe he can sleep through Braeden's antics which sometimes involve LOTS of screaming, shouting, jumping, and running around.

Last picture (of Gage anyway)'s our fourth of July firecracker baby!

I finished the bag for Nanny's wheelchair. The bag itself turned out beautifully. The handles are a different story. I got them attached backwards. I am so completely pissed about it and have come within seconds of ripping it apart to fix it about 10 times. Mat finally took the bag away from me and hid it. I'll give it to my mom when she's here and we can decide together if we should fix the handles or just leave them. I made the bag out twill and made a patchwork on the front using fabric from this very pretty floral collection called Flirt. Here's a picture showing the patchwork design. It's the only picture I managed to take before Mat hid the bag from me. I'll take a better picture this week. I really was very proud of the way the bag turned out. I loved it so much that I moved it from room to room so I could admire it wherever I was. I'm a dork. But I really was proud of it. :)

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Emily said...

i'm so glad you got some time away from being "mommy".. what a great morning!

the bag is so pretty!

and, I'm loving the two long updates on both blogs!

p.s. that picture of gage smiling still makes me think he looks JUST LIKE your mom!