Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too silly!

Sometimes I can't help but kick myself...Bray says all kinds of adorable things, things I want to remember forever, but if I don't write them down immediately I forget. So, here's a list of silly things about Braeden--stuff he says, things he does, or just my own observations about him. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do!

1. Braeden has understood for a while that letters make up words. But here's what he says, "Z starts with zipper. M starts with mommy." But my personal favorite is this one: "B starts with me." I LOVE that.

2. He's getting really good at taking care of Gage. Or, as he says, "dealing" with baby Gage. He brings Gage toys, talks to him, makes silly noises at him, gives him kisses and hugs, "pets" him, and tells me he thinks Gage wants to nurse. Gage watches Braeden when he's in the room, smiles when Braeden talks or does something silly, and seems very happy when Braeden pays attention to him. It's so sweet, somewhat unexpected, and such a help to me.

3. He hears us use adult phrases and then incorporates them into his day-to-day speech. Like what, you ask? Well...a couple he picked up from MeMa are "Holy Cow" and "Let's go outside and enjoy a beautiful day." Another funny one he says a lot is: "Well, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me." He says that one in response to lots of things like going out to eat, reading books, just about anything.

Here's another one, one that makes me very aware of the things I say around Braeden...when we went to see my parents last month and we were almost there I got stuck behind some cars going much too slowly. I was impatient and tired, so I was muttering and complaining about the drivers in front of me saying things like "C'mon...why are you driving so slowly?" Well, the other day Braeden and I were in the car and he started saying some of those same things. It cracked me up! I was glad I had enough sense to complain in a G-rated fashion instead of using the bad words that come so easily to me. :)

4. His pronunciations of certain words just kill me! One of my favorites is the way he says girl. I'll have to get him on video doing it because my writing out his pronunciation isn't going to do it justice.

Me: girl
Braeden: gorl

Another good one is oatmeal. He actually sounds Canadian when he pronounces the word. He does watch the Berenstein Bears every morning, and that show is voiced entirely by Canadian actors...maybe that's where it comes from!

Me: oatmeal
Braeden: otmeal

I'm sure I'll think of more silly things to post but I'm tired of seeing this unfinished post every time I log in to blogger. :)

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Me-ma said...

Just to clarify, and by the way, do I say "Holy Cow!" that much? but back to the clarification...when you and the boys drove to Rhinebeck in May, Braeden kept saying to me "Let's go outside and enjoy the boootiful day!" I thought it was so cute I kept saying it back to him -- and now I'm not sure which one of us said it first!!