Monday, August 25, 2008

Check this out!

I do have some news that got lost in the shuffle of Gage's illness.

This video is from Thursday when I stayed home with him. He was just starting to get the hang of crawling when I took the video. And you should see him now. What a difference a few days has made!

Sometimes Mat and I switch off at bath time. 99% of the time Mat takes care of the baths. Gage usually has his bath before dinner, so I'm downstairs making dinner and Braeden is usually playing in the kitchen or helping me cook. He likes to stomp upstairs to check in with Mat. "Daddy. How's the bath going?" Then he'll come back down to the kitchen and report back to me. Not that I can't hear everything each of them says upstairs. :)

After dinner and after cartoons, it's time for Braeden's bath (usually around 7:15). Sometimes the bath goes great. Braeden behaves and listens to Mat. The two of them are calm and patient with each other. But every once in a while, we switch. Usually I'm the one who suggests it because I just can't take listening to Braeden screaming and Mat getting more and more frustrated. I think Mat's probably asked to switch once, maybe twice. He doesn't want Braeden to get the idea that he can play one of us off the other. I get his point, but sometimes I just want to be a buffer and diffuse the situation. But sometimes Braeden is the one who calls downstairs to me and tells me it's time to switch. When he wants to switch it's because Mat isn't letting him do something he wants to do. I can't help but laugh when he suggests switching.

Well last night Braeden asked me to do his bath and who am I to refuse?? I passed Gage over to Mat and we headed upstairs. After the bath I got Bray into his pajamas and he picked out a story to read--Curious George gets a medal. I suggested to Mat that he get Gage ready for bed then we could switch kids and I would take Gage into his room to nurse. Mat asked what diaper he should bring up, and I told him to get a bumGenius. But not a green one. (Why not a green one? Those are day diapers stuffed with the microfiber car towels rather than the real inserts that we always use for nighttime.) Mat heard that as get a green one. When he got back upstairs with the diaper, I realized he'd brought the wrong one. At this point he'd taken Gage's other diaper off, so he left naked Gage sitting in the doorway of Bray's room. Braeden and I were sitting on the floor at the end of his bed. One minute Gage was sitting in the doorway and the next he was crawling across the room to us. A crawling naked baby...what could be cuter??


Emily said...

omg!! what a big boy!! i can't believe he's crawling.

We'll have to hash out where the time has gone at lunch tomorrow!

Me-ma said...

Nothing is cuter, no way! He's really good at crawling and I believe he'll be all over the house very soon! I loved the video, thanks.