Monday, August 11, 2008

The daycare sniffles

We had a bit of a weird weekend! We were supposed to go to Davidson Saturday to celebrate Mark's birthday with the Gendles. Mat and Braeden ended up going, but Gage and I stayed home. I woke up Saturday morning feeling nauseous. And cold. I had a temp of 100.6 and was scared to eat anything for fear of throwing it up. When Braeden first started daycare I got sick every time he did. And where he might be sick for one day, I would be sick for three or four days. It never failed. I hope we're not going to repeat that pattern again now that Gage is in daycare. But he does have a runny nose and he had a low temp yesterday.

Mat and I went back and forth on what to do with Gage and finally decided he should stay home with me. I was glad because I would rather nurse the baby then send him out with bottles while I stay home and pump. Now that I'm working and pumping it makes our time nursing even more special.

Mat and Braeden left for Davidson a little after 9:00, right after Gage went down for his morning nap. I snuggled up in bed with a a cup of tea--I have this great tea for nursing mothers that actually tastes really good--and promptly fell asleep. Gage and I napped for a couple hours; I wish I could say I felt better when I woke up, but no such luck.

I went upstairs to get Gage and found him sitting up in his crib. I know he's been sitting up for a couple of months now, but he hasn't been able to get up into that position by himself. And now he can! At first I thought he might have pulled himself up using the crib bars, but then I saw him sit up all on his own later that afternoon. We were playing on the Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket with his stacking cups and rings. He was laying on his tummy then got up on his hands and knees. And then he pulled one knee forward and underneath him, pushed up with his hands, and sat up. Even though I had come in his room and seen him sitting up, I was still shocked! It was amazing to watch him figure it out and do it. I clapped and cheered and he gave me a big grin. I think he knew he had done a new cool thing!

Gage had sweet potatoes and cheerios for lunch, and I choked down a piece of dry toast. Blah. We both napped again in the afternoon. Mat and Braeden got home around 5:00, and I was happy to turn the baby over to him. My stomach felt better but I still had the temperature and I felt exhausted. Mat took care of dinner and bath time then we got the kids in bed. Unfortunately they didn't stay there!

Braeden got out of bed four or five times (to go to the bathroom, to say his leg hurt, to ask to be covered up, to watch daddy who was outside watering). Right after Mat and I went to bed, Gage woke up for the first time. All told, he was up six times that night. Mat went upstairs and gave Gage back his pacifier half of those times and left him to whine it out the other times. Rough night.

I woke up feeling much better Sunday morning, but we still stayed close to home. Braeden took that great nap in our bed then he and Mat went to the pool while Gage took his afternoon nap. Gage takes great morning naps, but the afternoon naps suck. Sunday was no exception to that. But we still had a good time playing on the blanket and in the exersaucer. Around 4:00 I thought he felt warm; he was running a low temp. Nothing major but enough to help explain the poor napping and the serious fussy mood he was in.

Friday was a good mail day, a fluffy mail day! I needed a few more diapers to round out our daycare stash. I decided to try Baby Kangas since Emily hasn't shut up about much she loves them. :) First off, these diapers are CUTE! And they gave the colors cute names which is something I love! I ordered ladybug (red) and buttercup (pale yellow) and I LOVE both of them. Especially the red. All the snaps look overwhelming, but they fit so well because of the snaps. With these two and the diapers I already had I should be set for two full days of daycare before I need to do laundry again. And that's a laundry schedule I can handle. :)

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Emily said...

ugh. i'm sorry your weekend was so bad!

but, i'm really glad you got baby kangas in the mail.. they are awesome!!