Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diapers and Daycare

I started back to work on Monday and Gage started full days at daycare. He's over the temperature and has been doing really well this week. Gage's cloth diapers are the rage of the daycare. I was really concerned that the daycare's owner would pitch a fit about using them. In anticipation of that, I checked into the NC health department codes for daycare and found that they don't prohibit centers from using cloth. I went armed with that info (and the knowledge that friends of friends had been given that BS by their daycare providers), but instead I met nothing but friendly curiosity and acceptance.

But that's not to say there haven't been issues. For a full day I've been sending Gage with six diapers and a brand new wetbag. (Thanks for the advice, Emily!) So Monday Gage came home wearing some other kid's disposable diaper. We told them to change his diaper every two hours but that message must have gotten lost somewhere. It seemed like he got changed every hour or so during the morning. One of the diapers I took apart that night was completely DRY. No wonder they ran out of diapers!

And if the diaper stuff was bad, then the bottle situation was much worse. I nursed Gage at 6AM and we told them he needed bottles at 9AM, 12PM, and 3PM. I sent four bottles, though, just in case they dropped one or something else weird happened. It was a spare. I even labeled it spare. So Mat goes in to pick up Gage at 5:00 and found them starting to give Gage that spare bottle.

What??? Why?

Why would you give a kid a bottle at the exact same time he's going to be picked up? And just two hours after the last bottle?


Needless to say, I gave Mat A LOT of notes to share with Gage's teachers Tuesday morning. And I only sent him with three bottles. While I was happier with the way things turned out Tuesday, there was still one big issue. His teachers had put the poopy diapers in plastic bags, tied them closed, and put them in the wetbag. Wet fabric and poop sealed in plastic and sitting for hours makes for a nasty little package for mommy to open. more note for Wednesday morning. Lay off the plastic bags. And I'm pleased to say they did. Things today were great. And Mat said Gage's teachers and the ladies who work in the office are still talking about his diapers.

And just because, here's a silly, funny little picture of Gage. I hate that I cut off the top of his head, but I'm so glad I caught that face.

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