Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good times

Oh my gosh. Braeden said the funniest thing today. He was getting ready to go upstairs for some books and his pillow so that he could have quiet time in our bedroom. He wanted one of us to go upstairs to help him carry his things downstairs. I reminded him he had done the exact same thing yesterday all by himself.

He turned to us and said, "I'm not very good at carrying things. I only have two hands after all."

Mat and I cracked up. It's hard to argue with that logic, so Mat went up with him to help with the carrying. :)

We had a great weekend! Mat went down to Charlotte on Saturday to go whitewater rafting with his brother. And I took the boys to Will's first birthday party. We had a great time! Braeden was a little shy around the other kids who were mostly Will's cousins. He has nine on Emily's side alone! I wish Molly could have been there. The two of them had such a great time playing at our house when we had my Elon friends over for a cookout a couple weekends ago. But the party was a ton of fun. Emily and KT have great friends and lots of them have kids, so the party was loud, fun, and relaxed all at the same time. You can see all the pictures on Emily's blog. She also made a sweet montage of photos from Will's first year. It's so hard to believe that an entire year has passed since Will's birth. I remember visiting them in the hospital and holding baby Will for the first time. He was so tiny. And now he's crawling, laughing, eating cake, standing up, and soon he'll be walking. I can't help but think about Gage turning one. It's all happening so fast!

After the party we went to EarthFare to buy more inserts for Gage's gDiapers and fenugreek for the nursing mom. I told Braeden we were buying vitamins which he took to mean vitamin water (or vitamin juice water as he calls it). So of course I had to buy a bottle of that too. Then as we were driving home, I saw it.

Our Dunkin Donuts is FINALLY open! I pointed it out to Braeden and he was so excited. We had to stop! I love that my kid loves Dunkin Donuts like I do!

Tonight we were going to go out to dinner. When I asked Braeden where he wanted to go, he picked the IHOP. I reminded him he'd just had pancakes for breakfast. So he explained that he wanted to go to IHOP because he wanted to see the hot air balloons again. Too sweet.

My mom sent us this set of great pictures of Braeden. He loves to look at himself and is so glad I put the frame on our entertainment center where he can touch the pictures whenever he wants.

I've uploaded a couple more old videos of Braeden to youtube, so expect to see a post in the next couple days with those. Otherwise Mat and I are excited to be able to send both boys off to day care tomorrow. (Well, I'm as excited as I can ever be about sending my kids away for the day.) Gage is finally healthy and Braeden never came down with so much as a sniffle.

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Me-ma said...

It's time to e-mail Me-ma a photo or two -- how about sending the cute one of B with his photos! That is a great picture of him! and a new one of Gage would be great too!! You are so lucky to have such handsome boys (and a Dunkin Donut too!), wow!