Sunday, August 10, 2008

One cute kid

I'm back to seriously considering combining the two boys' blogs into one...I almost always post on Gage's blog neglecting Braeden's blog entirely. It's really more of a mental hurdle than anything else at this point. I never want to do anything that will make Braeden feel he's been supplanted in our hearts. Combining the blogs is a small thing, something he would probably never even know about or see as a slight. That's why I say it's a mental hurdle for me. But since we do so much as a family and the boys get along so well together, it makes sense to make one blog out of two.

Until I decide one way or the other, here are a couple more videos I pulled off our camera today. I recorded these videos one afternoon in November 2006, right around Thanksgiving.

Today Braeden spent his quiet time in our bedroom. It was perfect! He brought a few books downstairs and then shut the door. I needed to change Gage's diaper so I quietly opened my bedroom door and found him asleep with his head on my pillow and the covers tucked up just under his chin. Adorable.

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Me-ma said...

I loved the watching the videos-- they were new for me! He was a happy boy that day! And nice that B had a quiet time nap yesterday!