Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Saturday

We had such a great day!

While Gage was taking his morning nap, Braeden and I went to the grocery store. He was happy because I let him ride in the car cart, a treat normally reserved for trips with MeMa and P-Pa. Plus he got to eat a few pieces of cheese they put out to sample. And who doesn't love cheese??

After lunch and a short quiet time (on our bed again), we headed to Costco. Actually, Mat dropped Gage and me off at JoAnn's and he went on to Costco with Braeden. They did the shopping and ate the treats while I bought elastic and fabric to make more pairs of pants of Gage. It can get cold in the baby room at daycare and I wanted to make pants in a fabric I wouldn't mind sending to daycare. The pairs I make out of the cute fabrics I buy online seem too special to me for daycare.

We came back home so that I could nurse Gage and change his diaper, then we went to the ridiculously small and out-of-date outlet mall in town. Every year at the end of summer Mat buys a few pairs of nicer khakis to wear when he teaches. It's a ritual. Yesterday he found wrinkle-free, stain-resistant pants at the Van Heusen outlet for just $19. Mat's incredibly traditional when it comes to clothes, especially to the colors of pants and shirts he buys. I'm proud to say that his style has done a complete 180 since we first started dating. Over the years he's even gotten pretty good at picking out his own clothes, but he doesn't like to try new things. It took me a few years to get him to buy khakis instead of just jeans. It took me about five years to get him into his first pair of corduroys. It was a real struggle to get him to wear the salmon colored shirt I bought him. With the last suit he bought I was finally able to convince him (with the help of our very nice, very fashionable salesman) to buy a non-white dress shirt! Anyway, all of his khakis have been some shade of khaki...light tan, darker tan, or olive. This year was no exception. He was prepared to buy those three colors all over again until I suggested replacing the olive pants with navy. I think the main reason he agreed was that he finds it a struggle to find the right color shirt to wear with olive pants. I just find them drab! Even though I could tell he was VERY reluctant, he gave in to my better sense of style and bought the navy. When we got home we spent a few minutes in his closet while I picked out all the different shirts he could wear with his new pants (pale blues, lime green, maroon, the salmon shirt, white, etc.). It's going to be a really big deal the first time he wears them! I'll try to get a picture...if he cooperates, that is. :)

After our pants shopping, we went to the IHOP for dinner. Braeden's choice. He had pancakes and scrambled eggs; Gage had pancakes too. Mat had the popcorn shrimp. When I was a kid we would go to Kingston sometimes for dinner at IHOP. On Fridays they had all-you-can-eat popcorn shrimp. Dad and I loved to get that! Before I could tell Mat the story, he cut me off. Apparently I'd told him the story SEVERAL times!

When we walked out of the restaurant, Braeden and I saw a hot air balloon just taking off from a field across the street. We started to walk over to see it when I realized there were four more balloons still on the ground in the field. We jumped in the car, made an illegal left turn with tires squealing, and parked in the field to get a closer look. It was really amazing! The balloon guys were all from Raleigh and had heard the winds were good over here. They like to fly together, so they hopped in their vans with their balloon trailers and drove an hour to set up shop in the field next to the highway. Weird. A bunch of people had stopped to watch and some even paid to go along for the ride. The woman we spoke to said the winds are best the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. They carry 40 gallons of kerosene and use about half for an hour's ride. They can go anywhere from 3 miles to 18 or so during one hour depending on the winds. The people on the ground follow the ballooners in their vans and pick them up wherever they land. Seeing the balloons take off and watching them float quietly up and away was an amazing end to a really good day. Braeden LOVED seeing them, and I think he and Mat will end up taking a ride one day.

I took these two pictures with Mat's cell phone so the quality isn't that great. In this picture you can see the five balloons.

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