Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, P-Pa!!

We didn't get to the store to buy a birthday card for P-Pa, and I felt really bad. What's a girl to do?? Get her three-year-old to sing happy birthday so she can film it and post it on her blog, obviously!

Happy birthday, dad!

Braeden's looking forward to going to the beach next month. But ever since he watched Finding Nemo, he's been worried about sharks. I've tried explaining that the sharks are out in the deep part of the ocean. I think it will make more sense when he's there and sees the waves. Hopefully this is the year I can get him to walk in the surf with me. I think he would have so much fun as the waves roll over his feet and he can feel the sand slide out from under him. I love it! And I want him to love it too!


Mareike said...

Awwwww, Happy Birthday P-Pa!!

Me-ma said...

Yea!! P-pa loved the song and conversation about Va Beach!! We are looking forward to the trip too and we know those sharks and whales stay way out in the ocean. Besides, we will let Jeremy who is very tall take a look to make sure they stay way out in the ocean, then it will be safe to put our toes in the water-- ok?? Thanks for those birthday wishes. xxP-pa