Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow down!

It's too soon! I just got used to the idea of my baby crawling and now this.

Gage can pull up and stand if he's holding onto something! I am SO not ready for this!!!

He started doing it last Thursday while I was home with him. He had woken up that morning with a temp of 102. After his morning nap his temp was normal and it stayed that way the rest of the day. I guess the little faker just wanted to stay home with mommy! And who can blame him?!

I will say he's a very considerate kid...every time he starts something new, he's done it while he's home with me instead of at day care for someone else to see first. Sweet, right?

In the video he braces himself on a toy box to stand up. When he pulls himself up using something taller like a bookshelf or my hands, he can stand straight up. It's really amazing. But too soon for my taste! This is my baby and I want him to act like it, damn it.

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Me-ma said...

P-pa and Me-ma loved the video, as much of Baby Gage pulling himself up and crawling and sitting looking so engaging, as we loved Braeden building the towers and telling the brick house story! Great boys you have!