Monday, September 22, 2008

What's new

Gage is getting two new teeth...the other front bottom tooth is coming in and so is one of the top front teeth. He looks so sweet!

He's also obsessed with standing up, just can't get enough of it. He can stand for longer than I would have expected and he's even figuring out how to sit back down again. Sometimes he just plops back down on his bottom (which is well-padded thanks to his cloth diapers) but more and more he's learning to put one hand down to the floor to brace himself. It's so cool to watch him figure something like that out. I swear that's one of the greatest things about parenting.

But the big news? Well, that's the new diapers I just got in the mail. I know, I know. Another post about diapers. Did you ever think there'd be that much to say?

Most of the diapers we use are pockets with an outer waterproof layer and an inner absorbent layer. But these new diapers are fitteds which means they don't have the waterproof outer. I've got a few I bought used for about $7 on a swap site. That's one end of the spectrum. The other end is something called a goodmama and that's what I just bought.

So why do moms buy them if they're so expensive? Visit a CD message board and ask that question, then sit back and watch the crazy posts flood in. Demand for these diapers reached a fevered pitch sometime in the last year. The work-at-home-mom who makes them couldn't keep up with it and that jacked the prices up into astronomical territory. Certain prints (did I mentioned they come in prints too?) were more sought after than others and collecting them turned normal moms into hyper-vigilant stalkers who were willing to pay two, three, and four times what the dipe originally cost. If you want to see something truly amazing, check out this thread on DiaperSwappers showing off the GM collections.

Here are the rational reasons moms buy goodmamas. They're one-size diapers so they fit eight pounders and 30-pound toddlers. Goodmamas are very absorbent and some people even use them overnight with a wool cover. They are soft, squishy, and stretchy.

And they're beautiful! I bought the kind made from organic bamboo velour. And oh my gosh, these are the softest things ever. I absolutely LOVE the idea of this super-soft material next to Gage's skin. The dipe on the left is called gumball machine and the one on the right is blue sky.

Once I get Gage in one of these I'll post a few pictures of that cute fluffy bottom.


Emily said...

watch out mat, it's over now. melissa is officially an addict. i'll buy all your other diapers so that you can make way for your GMs (i'm pretty sure that's the natural progression of buying a GM, right?)! i think i see your stairway filled with GMs in the near future.

they really are as squishy as "they" describe? :)

Mareike said...

Ah yes, I remember when Mat agreed to the G-diaper. If you guys are addicts, well, I guess that makes me an enabler because I love cloth diapers. I love reading about the new improved and the new colors. I love seeing the pictures of the diaper stashes.