Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arrgh matey!

I almost forgot to blog tonight...

This will be short because Gage is asleep on my chest and I'm worried the noise from my typing will wake him.

We had a good day, a cold and windy day. The boys went down to the beach but couldn't stay more than a minute. As soon as Braeden sat down he was covered in sand. It was like a sandstorm near the ground. Mat said he was screaming. I'm sure it hurt really badly.

We went to the aquarium this afternoon. I'll post pics when I get home.

Then tonight we had a great dinner at Rock Fish, a restaurant Mat amd I ate at last year. It was our date night last year and we wanted to go back this year. It's a good thing we went tonight since they'll be closed for the season tomorrow!

Braeden and MeMa were pretending to be pirates at dinner tonight. When we got back to the hotel he kept asking her if they were still pirates. It was very sweet. He might have to be a pirate for Halloween.

It should be warmer tomorrow and less windy, so we'll get to the beach finally!

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