Thursday, October 30, 2008

At the dentist

Braeden was perfect at the dentist this morning. He got his teeth cleaned then flossed. And he got a fluoride treatment. There were a bunch of flavors to choose from and he picked orange. They tried to do x-rays but his mouth was too small to hold the thing.

The glasses are to shield his eyes from the bright light they use. He liked the chair that moved up and down and reclined back, but he didn't like having to lie so far back on it. I think he was worried he would fall off, but I held his hand and that relaxed him. They also had Spongebob on the TV when he walked in, so he was happy. In fact, that explains the super-intense look on his face.

At the end of the visit he had his pick of toothbrush. He had to decide between Shrek and Diego. Tough choice for a boy who loves both, but ultimately he picked Diego. It well with the Dora toothbrush we already have.

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Me-ma said...

I love the dentist photo -- please send me that one through e-mail -- I need to print it for my book! How cool to wear sunglasses at the dentist!