Friday, October 10, 2008

Big changes!

I completely forgot to blog about this over the weekend but we finally made the switch...Gage was too long (if you can believe that) for his infant car seat. So now he's riding around in Braeden's convertible car seat. And what is Braeden sitting in now? A big boy booster seat, of course!

This was another of those tough for mommy moments. Like sad that Gage was starting on solids tough. Mat and I bought that infant car seat along with the giant stroller at Baby Depot while I was pregnant with Braeden. It was the first big purchase we made for him. We bought that long before we bought a crib or changing table. I remember wheeling the different strollers around, popping them closed and testing their weight to see if I would be able to lift it up and into the back of my Outlander. And I remember thinking of the tiny baby that would eventually be carried around in that little seat. And now that baby is three and a half and riding in a booster seat. After Braeden outgrew it (right around this same time), we packed it away for baby number two.

Mat probably doesn't know this, but if we had had a girl the second time around I was planning to ditch that gray car seat and buy a new girly one! :) But instead we used the car seat for another 10 months and now it's in the landfill. Mat put the seat and the two bases out for Tuesday morning's garbage pick-up. Braeden likes to watch the garbage men and when he saw them pick up the car seat, his face lit up and he laughed and laughed! I was so glad Mat and I were both right there to see his reaction.

The other hard part for me about transitioning Gage out of the infant car seat and into the convertible one was that it meant giving up my little stroller that Mat's parents gave us. I love that thing! It snaps up and pops down so easily. It's lightweight and so easy to push. I got so much use out of it while I was home with Gage. We spent a lot of time wheeling down the aisles of Target and the grocery store or walking around Alamance Crossing. But now Gage is going to be riding in the little umbrella stroller my mom got for Braeden when we went to Virginia Beach. I'm sure Gage will be happier since he'll be sitting up and looking out at the world.

Braeden LOVES his big boy booster seat! He loves that it's just for big boys. And he loves that he can reach the seat next to him so he can put toys or books there. It even has a cup holder that he can store little toys in. Not that Mat will let him have drinks in his car, but there's always mommy's car!

I hope you can see in this picture just how excited Braeden was to try out his new big boy booster seat! He was ecstatic, overjoyed, delighted. I really can't find the right word, but just look at that smile. Gage seemed pretty happy in his new seat as well.

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Me-ma said...

Wow -- so much news about car seats and booster seats! And other readers please tell me I'm not crazy for writing this, but the older baby Gage gets, the bigger Braeden looks in pictures. Makes sense of course, but B. also looks much more mature. And Baby Gage looks happy in the new to him car seat, but little!! Braeden's new booster seat looks very snazzy -- in my sheltered world I thought the booster seat would be just a platform seat, didn't know it would have fancy stuff with it! Congratulations to everyone on the moving up!