Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is hard for me to believe but I've never posted about the cartoons Braeden likes to watch!! Cartoon time is very important in our house. Braeden gets to watch TV after breakfast and after dinner (if he's gotten a green light at school, if he's been a good boy for us, and if he ate all his dinner).

He goes through these phases with cartoons. Like for weeks all he wants to watch is Spongebob. Then suddenly he's over that and wants to watch something else. For a long time after dinner he would watch Baby Looneytunes and Krypto the Superdog. I didn't care for the looneytunes but I did like Krypto and was kind of sad when he got tired of that.

My parents gave him a Blue's Clues DVD this summer so he's been into that now. We're lucky because there are two episodes on in a row in the mornings. While we get ready for work, Bray watches Blue's Clues. And he writes stuff down in his handy-dandy notebook. Or sits in his thinking chair. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about then you obviously need to watch one or one hundred episodes of Blue's.

The schedule is totally different on the weekends which Braeden doesn't understand. Usually we end watching Sprout for the good night show or the sunny side up show. Then he can watch episodes of a bunch of different shows like Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, or Berenstein Bears. Berenstein Bears was another of his phases. He had to watch it EVERY morning! We've got several of the books and have seen some of the episodes four or five times.

My favorite of the sprout shows is Make Way for Noddy. I can't tell you how much I adore it! Noddy is a little wooden toy who lives in Toyland. He drives around this adorable red and yellow taxi and even flies a little red and yellow plane. And his clothes...his blue jingle bell hat and his yellow scarf with red polka dots just make me smile. Fortunately Braeden likes him too. Noddy isn't his favorite, but he still likes to watch him. The song sticks in my head all day. Make sure you have your speakers turned up if you visit the link above because you'll get to hear the song too! :)

Sometimes Braeden just wants to watch a video. He doesn't care what we try to tempt him with (Dora, Diego, Spongebob), it's a video or nothing else. We don't have too many for him to choose from, so I guess we need to build up our collection. He likes the Disney movies I have, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. He also likes Monsters, Inc. He LOVES Shrek especially the third one with the Shrek babies. In fact, I finally got to see the whole movie the other night. We watched it two nights after dinner which is how I finally got to see the end.

And on rare occasions we let Bray watch cartoons in the middle of the day on a weekend. Like if it's raining, or one of us is sick. And sometimes he watches football or tennis with me. Or music videos or autocross or formula one racing with Mat. He likes the funny-looking cars racing around the track. And I like the noise they make.

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Me-ma said...

Me-ma will get busy and dvr some cartoons so we have them for Christmas vacation! I went to the Noddy site and listened to the tune -- won't remember it, but it was cute.