Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A challenge

I've decided I haven't been a very good blogger since I started back to work. My boys do hundreds (at least) of cute things each day and I'm not slowing down long enough to chronicle them.

So, I've issued myself a challenge. I am going to blog EVERY single day for ONE whole month. There will be a post on one blog or another every day from now on. I tend to filter myself and only post things that are big or momentous when the little every day stuff is often more fun or certainly just as important.

Maybe someone else (ahem, ET) will want to jump on my bandwagon and give this a try, too!

Anyway, tonight I'm playing Keno which leaves Mat home with the boys. I think he and Braeden will have bean burritos for dinner. It's easy and they both love them. We had Mat's standard home alone without mommy dinner--chicken nuggets and biscuits--Tuesday night. Then last night I made parmesan chicken for dinner. Partway through breading the chicken pieces I realized it was practically the same thing as we'd had the night before. I felt a little ridiculous. Of course, my homemade chicken nuggets are sooo much better than the frozen ones from the box so it was okay. Right?

Braeden wouldn't eat his chicken, though, because it had black on it. Or so he said. The nuggets were browned because I cooked them in a little olive oil, but to him that's black. And he's convinced he doesn't like black. We gave him ketchup but he mixed his jasmine rice into that. Then he started dipping his finger in the ketchup and licking it off. Gross. We told him if he didn't eat his chicken, he wouldn't get to watch cartoons, he wouldn't get any toys in his bath, and he wouldn't get to read a story before bed. He started wailing so we sent him to time-out. Finally he came back to the table and announced he would try the chicken.

When he says that you know you're golden. He's going to eat whatever it is. He gets this silly smile on his face as he brings the chicken slooooowly to his mouth. And he watches you the whole time to see how you're going to react. When he finally gets the chicken in his mouth, he'll say hmmm, I like it. (Just like in Green Eggs & Ham) He's so ridiculous but so sweet too. But it makes us crazy because it will take him 45 minutes to eat his dinner. Then he gets upset when he can't watch cartoons because he's used up all his cartoon-watching time.

Have I posted about Gage's yogurt? I can't remember. He LOVES it! Or he loves it when I give it to him. Mat's tried once or twice and Gage doesn't eat it for him. I don't think it's the yogurt that's the problem, I think Gage is just tired or really hungry when Mat's trying to give it to him so he reacts so badly to it.

So that's it for today. I'm at work or I would post some pictures I took earlier this week. I also have a video I need to upload to youtube. I'll save that for tomorrow, I guess.

Every day, people. Every single day. :)


Emily said...

everyday? are you sure everyday? i don't know if i can do an everyday challenge.

but I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow!!

Mareike said...

I'm anticipating, no, demanding a blog comment every day. Hey, you said you'd do it. I don't care on which since I check both several times a day. I'm with Braeden on the "black chicken" but I can't be bought by cartoons.