Monday, October 27, 2008

Eating and sleeping

Tonight we gave baby Gage pinto beans after his yogurt. Like everything else we put on his tray, he had no idea what to do with them. I put one in his mouth and he spit it right out. But I persevered. And he ended up loving them! He must have eaten 20 of them.

It's funny to me that he isn't more into finger foods. He loves being fed purees but just isn't that interested in feeding himself. He still loves mozzarella, puffs, and cheerios. He'll eat toast and pancake but that's been about it. So pintos are a really big deal! And since he loves to be fed, I went to town this weekend cooking for him. I baked two kinds of squash, butternut and some kind of funny acorn squash shaped thing. I boiled up sweet potatoes. Then apples. And tonight I cooked corn. He hasn't tried it yet, but I hope he'll like it.

I finally broke down tonight and ordered a couple more diapers. :) Like you really had to twist my arm, right? There are four new colors of bumGenius diapers and those are our workhorse diapers. Gage always wears one at night and we send them to daycare because they're so easy for anyone to use. The only problem with them is that they used to come in just five colors--pale blue, spring green, soft yellow, white, and pale pink. And finally bG has come out with four new colors that are more vibrant shades of the existing colors. You can see the new colors here. Unfortunately bG didn't realize how high demand would be for the new colors so they're backordered everywhere. But I placed my order for ribbit and moonbeam, and when they're finally available, I'll get mine. I can't wait!

After I snuggled with Braeden in his bed, I went to open Gage's door. (His room gets really, really cold at night with the door closed.) We gave him a blanket a few nights ago. It's tucked in tightly on three sides so I don't worry about him getting wrapped up in it, but I seriously doubt he'll stay covered all night long. He moves around so much during the night. Tonight he was lying on his side under the blanket. Clutched between his arms was the taggie blanket I made him and one end was covering his face. He looked so silly. Very gently, very slowly I moved the blanket off his face and slipped quietly out of the room.

He's been waking up pretty consistently around midnight since we came back from the beach. A couple of nights we've had to bring him down to bed with us so that I could nurse him. Then he stayed in bed with us which makes both him and me very, very happy. Mat's always worried we're going to start something we can't stop, but I just can't bring myself to care. And honestly, if I worried about that I would miss out on all the good stuff!

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Me-ma said...

I'm thinking ribbit is frog green and moonbean is golden colored -- you'll have to show me at Christmas if I'm right about the colors! Sound very cute!