Monday, October 6, 2008

Eating together

Tonight I was planning to cook a few peaches we bought this weekend at the grocery store. Well, I guess peach season is really over. I peeled the first one and it was nasty inside. But two of the four were fine, so I cut them up and started boiling them. But it's hardly worth cooking two little peaches, so I cut up a butternut squash I had bought a couple weeks ago and threw that in too. It turned out really, really well! Mat was a little grossed out but I guess it helps that I love squash.

It's a good thing this worked out for us. Gage hasn't been great about eating finger foods. He loves cheerios and puffs, toast, pancakes, and shredded mozzarella cheese. Mat's tried giving him string cheese cut up in small pieces. One time he ate it and the next he just pushed it around the tray. He hasn't been interested in eating bits of banana or veggies though. He ate a bunch of peas one night then wouldn't eat them the next time.

We bought yogurt this weekend, and he loves it! We started with the stonyfield yobaby yogurt. The six-pack comes in vanilla and banana. When we give him yogurt, we've been starting with some pureed fruit or veggies then giving him half a container of the yogurt. This weekend we'll buy regular yogurt and see how Gage likes that. The yobaby stuff is just too expensive!!

He loves being fed. Maybe he's just lazy! :)

After he finishes his dinner, we give him some apple juice in a sippy with the iron supplement in it. He loves his juice and his sippy! He really loves bangng the sippy on the high chair tray.

One day last week I had made macaroni and cheese. I cooked some extra elbows and cut them in half for Gage. He ate a few but just didn't seem to care for them. Over the weekend we had leftover macaroni and cheese one day for lunch. I gave Gage a little bite of mine and he loved it! So we all ate mac and cheese for lunch that day. :)

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Me-ma said...

Sounds like baby Gage is getting used to lots of foods! He's a discriminating eater. Have you tried lima beans, full of iron, I think and he could pick them up with his little fingers! He is such a cutie pie.