Saturday, October 11, 2008

A fine fit

I was exhausted last night so I went to bed at 9:30 without pumping. And boy, was that a mistake! I woke up at 4:30 in pain but rolled over and was able to go back to sleep for another 40 minutes. When I woke up again, I was in serious agony. But only on the right side. Because that's the side that makes all the milk. Weird, right?

So, at five in the morning, while the rest of my house slept, I was sitting in the living room pumping to relieve the pressure. In no time at all I had pumped four ounces from the right and two from the left. And I still felt uncomfortable and overly full, but I knew baby Gage would be waking up soon and would need to nurse.

From now on, no matter how tired I am, I absolutely have to pump before bed!

This morning Braeden was playing with my mom's advent calendar. One of our new Christmas traditions is to exchange advent calendars (Abi, mom, and I each have one), fill it, and return it to the rightful owner. Last year I had Abi's advent to fill. Her calendar is rough because the boxes are particularly tiny. It's hard to find things small enough to fit. But this year mom has to worry about that, and I have her advent to deal with.

I bet you're wondering why I'm worried about it now on October 11. Well, I need to have it filled so I can give it to her next weekend when we meet up in Virginia Beach. Last year I shipped Abi's advent and it cost about $20 to do it. It's just easier and cheaper to take care of it now. But thanks to the advent, I'm already in the Christmas mood and am having a hard time accepting we're barely into October.

Anyway, Braeden liked opening the doors on mom's calendar. I reminded him about how much fun he had opening the advent last year. Mom had filled the calendar with things for him, like a bouncy ball, and things for me, like earrings. I wonder what Abi will do...

Braeden went in search of things that would fit in mom's calendar this morning. Pacifiers fit really well. And so do tubs of lip balm which we just call lips in our house. Small shells fit. And so do pennies. Who wouldn't love an advent calendar filled by Braeden Rhys?

That reminds me, I think tomorrow's post will be about spelling. :)

After he put the first thing in the calendar this morning he said, "That looks like a fine fit to me." Where did he get that from??

I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that I bought a few things for mom's advent on etsy which is one of my most favorite ways to kill time online. Check it out if you haven't won't be disappointed!

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Mareike said...

I'm thinking if you can keep up with your challenge (and I hope you do) you need to have some comments. I love that you, your mom and sister made a tradition of the advent calendar exchange and I'm thinking you should leave to Braeden what to put behind some of the doors. If nothing else, they'll be a "fine fit."