Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game day

When I lived in NY I could see all the Giants games but since moving to NC I only get to see a few games each year. Today was one of the games I got to see...Giants v. Steelers. It was a tough game but the Giants played tough defense, lucked into a safety, then FINALLY got into the endzone and pulled out the win in the end!

Braeden played outside while I watched the game with Gage.

He's young, but he's already a big fan!

Braeden ran in to give me these little white flowers from our front yard. He usually brings me one tiny bloom at a time, but today he came in with three bunches. They're weeds, so it's nice that he pulled them from the yard. And of course it's so sweet that he wants to bring me flowers. He LOVED that I put them in a glass. And I'm sure he would love to know that I posted a picture on the blog. :)

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