Monday, October 13, 2008

More tests

Gage and I went back to the doctor this morning for his follow-up blood work. We've never had to wait more than five to ten minutes in the waiting room. But at his nine-month appointment we waited at least 20 minutes, and this morning I waited close to 30 minutes. I hate waiting but it was nice to spend that extra quiet time with Gage.

Anyway, since this wasn't a real check-up they weren't planning to put Gage on the scale. I insisted, though. So I put my baby (in just a diaper) down on the scale and waited. Mat and I have been convinced he was looking chubbier. His round cheeks seem rounder.

Two weeks ago Gage weighed 15 pounds even. This morning he weighed in at 15 pounds 10 ounces!! YEA!!

Then came the hard part. The lab tech came in with a nurse practitioner to draw blood. Last time it was just a finger prick. This time they brought the butterfly stick thing to take a vial of blood for a CBC. Gage sat on my lap and I held his right hand. The nurse practitioner held his left arm straight and the tech stuck him with the needle. (Sorry, mom.) It took a little manipulating, apparently babies' veins roll around and it's hard to actually get the needle in, but blood started to come out into the tubing that leads to the vial. Unfortunately it stopped before reaching the vial.

The tech put a spiderman bandaid on that arm and moved over to try the other. Gage didn't make a peep while she worked on his left arm. He looked curiously at the tech while she worked and he flinched once or twice but never cried or even tried to move away. I talked to him the whole time and kissed his forehead but was shocked at how quiet he was. He fussed more while she worked on the second arm. She never got any blood from his right arm and after a couple minutes of trying decided she didn't want to put him through any more.

One more spiderman bandaid and the tech and nurse practitioner left us alone. Gage was very happy to nurse while we waited for the results. Five to ten minutes later the doctor came in to tell me that there hadn't been enough blood for the CBC. No surprise there. But they checked his iron and it had gone up; it was still below the range, but the doctor said the supplement we're giving him is doing what it should. With his weight gain and the small rise in the number, she was a very happy doctor.

And I was a happy mommy to be getting out of there finally. Gage fell asleep in the car on the way to day care but woke up when I got him out of the car. I gave him his taggy blanket and put him in the crib hoping he would fall back asleep. He'd had a big morning!

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Me-ma said...

I need a nap after reading about that! But so glad his weight and iron numbers are rising. Whew!