Sunday, October 12, 2008

The next big thing?

This video is two weeks old by now, but really nothing has changed. Gage loves to pull up but he hasn't tried letting go yet. I don't think he'd be able to stand for longer than a couple seconds. His legs just aren't strong enough yet. But he also really enjoys walking with one of us holding onto his hands.

And here's a sweet Braeden story from tonight...

Mat was getting him dressed for bed and Gage and I came upstairs to see how things were going. Braeden told us that Mat was the daddy because he dealt with the poopy diapers. He agreed that I was the mommy because I too dealt with poopy diapers. So I asked him what makes MeMa MeMa. And what did he say? Because she loves him.

I just thought that was really cute!


Mareike said...

Too cute!! I must admit I was getting worried that you were flaking out on your challenge. Sarah posted early this morning and Emily posted this evening and I kept checking your blog. You came through with flying colors. I loved the video and I always love hearing what Braeden has to say.

Me-ma said...

ohhh..that tears at my heart and apron strings, and brings a little tear to my grandmotherly eye -- but wait Me-ma has baked goodies in her freezer to bring to B. and everyone in VA Beach! Thanks so very much for sharing that.