Friday, October 17, 2008

on the road

We left home around 5:15 snd just got back in the car after a quick dinner at Arby's. Braeden is telling me a story about a tower that is wet and tired. (The "toy" in his kids meal was a pop-up book on the Eiffel Tower.)

Mat says we should be at Virginia Beach around 10:00 tonight. Hopefully Gage will fall asleep now that it's dark and he's nursed and eaten banana. I hope Bray will sleep some too since he'll be awake for a while once we get to the hotel.

The car is stuffed! In my list last night I forgot to mention my pump and the three or four other random bags that I had to add to our load in the few minutes before we left. We have too much stuff!!

Mom and dad are already there, and Abi and Jeremy will drive down tomorrow.

I'm posting with my blackberry so this is all I can manage for now. More tomorrow from the beach!

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Mareike said...

I'm impressed. So a blackberry is the key to keeping up to the challenge. Cool!! Hmmm, I thought you were always the driver but I'm guessing you wouldn't drive and blog at the same time. I'll see you tomorrow.