Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from Virginia Beach

We're home! And now I can finally post all the photos I took while we were at the beach...

We actually got Braeden to wear his baseball hat a couple of times. Amazing, right? He had to wear it backwards because the wind was so strong it blew his hat down the beach.

P-Pa and Braeden fed the seagulls on the beach!

How cute are my two bigger boys in their backwards cap?!

Braeden had the best time playing in the sand. He even got his toes wet in the surf this year!

Right after dad took this picture, a big wave came in and got me. Braeden was able to get out of the way but not me. :)

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Me-ma said...

I hope you'll put all the photos on a disk and send it to me! They look great on the blog, so I'm sure they'll be even better when they are printed! We had a great time with everyone at the beach --weather was stinky a lot of the time, but wonderful to be together! The walk down to the Neptune statue was fun too.